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Teacher Lyle Ronglien

Lyle: Hello everyone!

Jerry: that sample is pretty intense

jeremy: o yeah

Storm: Hot, very hot!

Lyle: You'll be playing just like that after tonight, Jerry!

Lyle: with a little practice!

Lyle: Tonight's topic is on two-handed finger tapping techniques.

Lyle: How many of you ever tap with both hands on the fretboard?

jeremy: A very little

EC: played around with it

grolschie: Just a little

Jerry: I try it sometimes

Lyle: Ok, we'll start off with a few examples to get you all going.

Lyle: Here's a video of the first example.

Lyle: This is a lick on just the 6th string.

Lyle: On all the tab that is being used today,

Lyle: be sure to click on it and then play it on the virtual fretboard.

Lyle: You'll get a better view of the lick.

Lyle: The video is good to watch if you are confused on how to play it.

Lyle: This is a basic two-handed lick.

Lyle: Practice this until you're able to play it smooth and fast.

Lyle: We are going to add on to this example.

Lyle: I almost forgot to send you all a looping jam track!!! Here ya go.

Lyle: Try that last lick over the looping jam track.

Jerry: in the key of E?

Lyle: Yes Jerry, in E

Lyle: OK, next example...

Lyle: Example 2 starts with the lick you just learned,

Lyle: then adds another string with a slight change of "shape".

Lyle: Practice this over and over until you can play it without mistakes.

Lyle: You can use a clean sound or dirty.

Jerry: is this the e maj pent scale?

Lyle: Yes Jerry, this is the E maj pentatonic with two hands.

Lyle: Example 3 uses this technique over all 6 strings,

Lyle: Here's the next example...

Lyle: Example 4 is all pull-offs.

EC: with one hand or tap

Lyle: Two hands, EC

Lyle: For some of you that are new to this technique,

Lyle: take some of these examples and practice them all over the neck and on different strings.

Lyle: Ready for the next one?

EC: are all the circle numbers those to be tapped

Support: yes, circles mean tap

Support: you will also see them highlighted on the guitar neck in a different color

Lyle: Would anyone like a new jam track?

Lyle: Here you are.

Lyle: Next up is a whole new lick pattern.

Lyle: But first, here is the final lick of this segment.

Lyle: That last lick should keep some of you busy for awhile.

Lyle: It is the Bmin, C#min and F#min pentatonic.

Lyle: On to the next lick...

Lyle: We are going to build a lick here.

Lyle: Practice example 9 until you can get all the notes happening just right.

Lyle: Check out the video clip for each of these next examples to get a better feel for them.

Lyle: Example 10 is what you'll be playing right after ex. 9.

Lyle: Ok here comes the next part,

Lyle: Let's put them all together...

Lyle: Well, there you have it, two-handed tapping lick for study.

Lyle: Thank you for coming to the lesson tonight.

Lyle: Hope to see you all again real soon!

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