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Lyle Ronglien >> Slide Guitar I - for Beginners >>

Slide Guitar for Beginners - part 2

Lesson Sample

Lyle: Hi sliders! Listen to your Lesson Sample, I'll be showing you how to play all of it in this lesson. Here's the jam track for this lesson:

Looping Sound Clip 1

Lyle: Any type of slide works, as long as you are comfortable with it. This lesson is in standard tuning, just like the last lesson. You will be working with the same 3 chords as last lesson too, but in a different order. Here's the chords for the jam track. These are chords to strum with if you want:

Lyle:  The chord shapes to use with the slide are:

Lyle: Last lesson you used these same 3 chords but in a progression built around the 1 - 4 - 5, 12 bar blues in G. This lesson's chord progression is the opposite, the 5 - 4 - 1 in G.

chord chart

Lyle: D is the 5, C is the 4, and G is 1.

Lyle: Let's learn how to play the lesson sample from above. This first riff shows you how to "scoop" or slide up to each chord from a whole step below:

riff 1

Lyle: Next you'll do the same type of riff by sliding up to the right position, this time using only the first and second strings to make each "chord" an octave higher than before:

riff 2

Lyle: Riff 1 had the root note of each chord on the 3rd string, riff 2 has the root on the 1st string.

Lyle: How's everyone doing with what we have now, any questions?

Stratman: Is this a first inversion chord in riff 2?

Lyle: Stratman, riff 2 has only 2 notes, you need 3 different notes (a triad is made from the root, 3rd and 5th notes of a scale) to make a chord/inversion, riff 2 is built from only roots and fifths.

Lyle: Next is a little tough for some. This is a scale, (D mixolydian) sliding up two octaves. You'll have to memorize all the note locations of this scale and practice along with me by looping the tab:

riff 3

Lyle: The next riff is back to the 3 string chords sliding around. This time you'll be playing way up the neck for the D, then sliding down to the C, sliding down to G, then up to the D at the 7th fret:

riff 4

Lyle: The next riff is just like what you did in riff 4 but an octave lower:

riff 5

Lyle: The next riff moves you away from chords and gives you a melody to play with:

riff 6

Lyle: Try the same thing an octave higher and on the 1st string like this:

riff 7

Lyle: If you memorize these 7 riffs and played them in order, that's what the lesson sample is made of!

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. I hope you are making cool sounds with some of these riff examples.

Lyle: If you are interested in receiving private lessons on any style, email me at for more info. Thanks - Lyle

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