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Country Guitar For Beginners

Lesson 4

Lyle: Let's learn the lead guitar riffs from the Lesson Sample first, then we'll work on the rhythm part. This lesson is in the key of G. The solo riffs are made mostly from the G major pentatonic scale:

Lyle: The intro is a combination of 3 different riffs. The first riff is taken right from the G major pentatonic scale:

Lyle: Try playing this riff along to this jam track:

Lyle: The next riff is also made from the G major pentatonic, this time a little different finger pattern:

Lyle: Here's the second riff which uses the G maj pent pattern you just learned:

Lyle: Try playing riff 1 and riff 2 back to back with the jam track.

Lyle: Notice for riff 2 I have a combination of hammer-ons and pull-offs, not over doing any one element.

Lyle: The 3rd riff in the intro is made up from a riff you learned earlier in this series of lessons. It is made from a major pentatonic that changes or follows each chord during the progression:

Lyle: Here's a video of the complete solo:

Lyle: Half way through the Lesson Sample you'll hear all 3 solo riffs played one at a time. Here's a jam tracks of all 3 solo riffs played together.

coral: Very Allman Bros sounding.

Lyle: Yes, they used the major pentatonic scale for that southern country sound.

Lyle: Let's take a look at the rhythm guitar part which is made from just three chords:


Lyle: There are several ways to finger the G chord, this is a good way to do it when playing a combination of G, F's, and C's because it keeps your fingers and wrist in the same basic position for easy changing.

Lyle: Each chord in the progression or Lesson Sample has a hammer-on riff to go with it. Here's the hammer-on riff for the G chord:

Lyle: Now try doing this with the F and C chords:

Lyle: The chord progression goes like this:

chord chart

Lyle: Now put all the hammer-on riffs in order like this:

Lyle: If you're using an electric guitar, make sure you have the amp set to a clean setting.

Lyle: This rhythm riff will sound good on an acoustic guitar too.

Lyle: Now you can use this riff to play along to the looping jam track. See if you can play all the riffs from memory along to the jam track.

Lyle: Any questions?

coral: Are there lyrics to go with this too? :)

Lyle: I think so...I'll try to find them...

Lyle: Lyrics: "My ____ died yesterday, My ____ ran away, My ___ stopped working, I guess I'll sing about it."

coral: lol

Lyle: Well that's all for this lesson. See you next time!

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