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Country Guitar For Beginners

Lesson 5

Lyle: Here we are at part 5 of this series. Part 1 is in the key of C, part 2 is in the key of D, part 3 in E, part 4 in G, and now part 5 is in the key of A. Each lesson covered similar riffs and patterns that help define the basics of the country style. I simply transposed them into different keys throughout the 5 lessons to help expose you to these riffs and give you lots of practice at playing these types of riffs in this style.

Lyle: I'm going to show you how to play everything in the Lesson Sample above. Begin by learning these three basic open chords which are the 1 - 4 - 5 chords in the key of A:


Lyle: The chord progression in the Lesson Sample goes like this: two measures for each chord, starting and ending on the A.

chord chart

Lyle: The basic rhythm riff is fun to play like all of the rhythm riffs in this series. They all have alternating bass notes for each chord, and walking bass lines between each chord. Time to learn the rhythm riff for this lesson:

Lyle: Use all down strokes. You can loop the TAB file to play along and you can even slow it down if it's too fast for you right now. Here's a looping jam track you can use too:

Lyle: Since the chords are all major, the major pentatonic scale is your best choice for improvising with. In the country style it's real common to follow each chord while playing lead. When learning these patterns, notice your 3rd finger is used for the second and third note of each pattern:

Lyle: Listen and learn solo 1 which is completely built from these scale patterns:

Lyle: Solo 2 is made from the major blues scale. It's very much like a major pentatonic but with an added b3.

Lyle: If you play back the TAB file on the virtual fretboard you'll notice that the circled notes are in a different color, these are the root notes.

Lyle: Take a look at solo 2 which starts off with this scale, then a cool bend and release riff you learned in an earlier lesson:

Lyle: Try learning these solos and then play them along to the looping jam track.

radica: a bit tougher on this one..

Lyle: Solo 3 uses the steel guitar sounding riff you learned in earlier lessons:

Lyle: Solo 4 is a new riff I don't think I've covered yet. This is like a blues riff. Notice it is following the chords up the neck:

Lyle: That's all for this lesson.

Lyle: Best thing to do is learn some of your favorite country style songs, and sneak in some of these riffs you've learned from these lessons. Email me at if you have any questions or you would like to learn a couple of your favorite country tunes. I can make a custom lesson for you to download using this software. Thanks and see you next time. Stay tuned!

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