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Beginning Guitar V - Rhythm

Lesson 4

Lyle: This lesson is about the difference between straight time and the shuffle beat. These are the two main types of rhythm you need to be aware of. Here's what a straight eighth note pattern would be like:

straight eighth notes

Lyle: Take this open position A7 chord and strum down-up like this:

straight eighth note strum

straight eighth note strum

Lyle: Strum down on the "down beats" , the 1, 2, 3, 4s, and strum up on the "ands" of each beat, which is referred to as the "up beats". Notice how the rhythm is very even for beat to beat.

Lyle: Try this cool rock and roll rhythm figure in the straight time:

straight eighth note rhythm

straight eighth note rhythm

Lyle: Here's a basic jam track you can use to practice the straight time rhythm and strum with.

Jam Track - straight eighths

Lyle: Now that your ears have been listening to the straight time rhythms, you'll hear a big difference in the shuffle rhythm.

Lyle: The shuffle rhythm is made from triplet rhythms. Each beat is divided into 3 beats:

eighth note triplets - 1

Lyle: Take away the middle eighth note of each set of triplets and you get the shuffle beat.

shuffle beat

Lyle: Here's the same open position A7 chord but this time strummed with the shuffle beat:

shuffle strum

shuffle strum

Lyle: Now try the rock and roll rhythm again but this time use a shuffle beat:

shuffle rhythm

shuffle rhythm

Lyle: Here's another jam track you can practice this shuffle rhythm with:

Jam Track - shuffle beat

BigTX: .......sounds little like Chuck Berry style?

Lyle: Yes. Most music is in either the straight rhythm or the shuffle rhythm. The shuffle rhythm has that "blues bounce" to it.

Lyle: Now try this 12 bar blues jam in the key of A using the shuffle rhythm:

12 bar blues - shuffle rhythm

12 bar Blues in A - shuffle rhythm

Lyle: This is a typical blues progression using just three chords. Get familiar with the sound and groove of the shuffle beat. Here's a jam track you can use to practice playing along with:

12 bar chord progression

12 bar blues Jam Track in A

Lyle: If you're using an acoustic guitar, you may want to try strumming the shuffle beat using open position chords like this:

12 bar Blues in A - shuffle strum chords

12 bar Blues in A - shuffle strum

Lyle: The shuffle rhythm has that SRV and ZZ Top sound to it in my mind.

Lyle: Ok, enjoy and email me if you have any questions about which lessons you want to get or if you might want to get a custom private lesson made by me for you. I could help you learn one of your favorite songs perhaps.

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