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Two-Hand Tapping

Lesson 2

Hi everyone!

Lyle: Here's a video sample of the riffs I'll show you in this lesson:

Lyle: In this lesson you'll learn a few techniques to try on the 1st string, key of EMaj.

Lyle: Here's the E Major scale on the 1st string:

Lyle: Click the media button for the TAB so you can see the scale on the virtual fretboard.

Lyle: Here's the first riff. You'll tap the 12 fret and pull off to the open 1st string, then hammer-on the notes of the E major scale:

Lyle: Practice that riff ascending and descending, at different speeds too.

Lyle: Here's a play-along track in the key of E Maj. You'll be able to try any of these riffs against this jam track:

Lyle: The next riff has you playing E and A arpeggios on the 1st string.

Lyle: The next riff is a little harder. You'll be ascending the E major scale three notes at a time. The hard part might be that you have to move both hands each time you change notes:

Lyle: You can try these riffs on an acoustic too. If you're using an electric guitar, try using a clean amp setting as well as an overdrive setting. Add reverb for extra spice.

Lyle: Riff 4 is a variation of riff 3. This time your right hand is up two scale degrees from your left hand:

Lyle: Riff 5 is something that I covered in lesson 1 of this series. It is a 6 string major pentatonic scale, in E major, to fit with this jam track.

Flugseug: Hey Lyle when you first started tapping how long did it take you to callous up your right hand

Lyle: Probably a couple weeks.

Flugseug: cool

Ken: it doesn't seem like it would require much callous on your right hand

Lyle: Just enough of one to get a good hammer-on.

Lyle: On any of these riffs, try whichever fingerings that feel comfortable to you.

Lyle: This jam track is from the Riffinteractive CD-ROM titled: Jam Sessions - Rock Style II. From that lesson there is a cool riff I'll show you just for fun. This is played by using open string harmonics:

Lyle: That's all for this lesson.

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