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Two Hand Tapping

Lesson 5

Lyle: This lesson is a continuation from lesson 4.

FenderKid: Cool, I wanted to find out how to play the next part, it's been killing me!

Lyle: The next part goes into a bigger chord progression:

Lyle: E - B - G - D - Am - Em - B - C

Lyle: Here's a jam track for riff 3:

FenderKid: wow that's much simpler than I thought it would be

Lyle: So much of it is patterns, which can make it easier.

Lyle: The chord progression for riff 3 goes just like this:

Lyle: II:E B G D - Am Em B C - E B G D - Am Em B.....C.....B.....C..... :II

Lyle: Notice the second time through he progression you hang on the B and C chords.

Lyle: I didn't TAB it out that way, just use your ears when playing to the jam track. You can also watch the video for riff 3 to get an idea how it goes.

FenderKid: yea that's going back and fourth between 11-4-8 and 12-5-9 right?

Lyle: yes.

Lyle: The next riff has you using several fingers on the right hand. I've made an exercise to help you:

FenderKid: just use your right hand?

Lyle: You pull off to your left hand 1 finger at a time.

Lyle: Here's riff 4. It follows the same chord progression as riff 3, but slower. You don't change chords as fast:

Lyle: chords

FenderKid: Nice, that makes it even easier!

Lyle: The second half of riff 4 starts on the Am chord:

FenderKid: ok not so easy anymore

Lyle: I know. It's the B to C part that is hard for me.

FenderKid: I hate the b chord with all my heart

Barry: why is the B to C harder? because it's switching on the same string?

Lyle: Yes.

Lyle: Here's a couple jam tracks for riff 4, the first half and second half.

FenderKid: Is it ok if I'm using my index finger to jump down those 3 strings while tapping?

Lyle: That's harder, using just 1 finger.

FenderKid: ha-ha its funny because I cant even do that with 3 fingers like you do it.

Lyle: Here's a jam track for all 4 riffs. The 2 from last lesson and the two from this lesson.

Lyle: When the jam track starts, let the rhythm guitar play B - G - E B - G - E then when the bas and organ comes in is where you start riff 1.

Lyle: I also made a video of all 4 riffs together:

Lyle: That's all the time I have here tonight.

Lyle: Next lesson I'll show you some fun tapping riffs to mess around with.

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