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David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Style

Lesson 3

You are going to learn a series of short, simple blues licks. In the lesson sample, you'll notice the lead guitar is set for a "clean" tone. For this lesson, I want you to NOT use a pick, but use your index finger or thumb to pluck the strings. This technique softens the attack of each note. You can set your pickups to the neck setting and maybe add a little reverb on your amp if you have it.

Lyle: The play along "jam" track I have for you is a little different than normal. You wont be using a looping sound clip, since there isn't a repeating "groove" for this lesson. I've made a MP3 of the jam track, click on it and it will load into the sample player.

Lyle: This groove is in the key of G minor, you'll use the G minor pentatonic scale to form the licks.

Lyle: The riffs I'm about to send you can be improvised anywhere during the jam track. There are many pre-bend licks to be aware of and lots of vibrato. Here we go...Riff 1 is built from the b7 bending up to the root.

Lyle: Riff 2 starts at the root and works its way up to the 5th degree.

Lyle: p.b. is pre-bend.

Lyle: Riff 3 ...17 pre-bend to 19 and release:

Lyle: Riff 4 starts on the b7, goes to the root and ends on the b3 of the scale.

Lyle: Like I said earlier, you can improvise most of these riffs anywhere to the jam track.

Lyle: Riff 5 has 3 pre-bends, (p.b.) Bend the string up to the desired pitch and then pluck the string.

Lyle: Riff 6 has a quick hammer-on and pull-off.

Lyle: In the next riff, bend up 3 frets worth.

Lyle: Here's another riff that uses a big bend:

Lyle: Riff 9 has a "resolving" sound to it as you'll end it bending up to the root note.

Lyle: Riff 10 ends up on the flatted 3rd (Bb) of the G min scale.

Lyle: Notice how this riff has a "resolving" sound to it, just like #9. That's because you're ending on the root note (G) of the scale.

Lyle: Same with Riff 12, it also ends on the root, one octave higher than lick 11.

Lyle: Riff 13 starts on the root, ends on the 5th degree (D).

Lyle: For the next riff use your 3rd finger to bend the string up while your little (4th) finger hits the 2nd string 18th fret.

Lyle: Riff 15 starts on the root (G) and goes higher up, then returning to the root for that "resolved" sound.

Lyle: Notice how the licks have a soft attack to them and each of them have an ultra clean tone. I'm using just my index finger and sometimes thumb of my picking hand. Memorize some of these licks, mix them up anyway you want and play them with the jam track.

Lyle: These are some of my favorite blues riffs.

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