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Slap Bass - Lesson 2

Thumb Slap Riffs

Lyle: If you can do the thumb slap exercises in lesson 1 pretty well, then you're ready to learn some funky bass riffs and jam along to some good drum beats.

Lyle: Here's the Gm pentatonic scale. You'll use notes from this scale to make bass riffs from. Use your thumb to slap out all the notes:

Lyle: The circled/highlighted notes are the root (G) notes.

Lyle: Learn the Gm pentatonic and try playing along to this looping jam track:

Lyle: Here's your first riff. Learn it and play it along to the looping jam track. Notice the riff is made from notes in the Gm pentatonic scale.

Lyle: Here's a video demonstration:

Lyle: The next riff uses hammer-ons with the left hand:

Lyle: The next riff uses the hammer-on technique again:

Lyle: The next riff starts off with what I call the disco riff, using root and octaves. Then you'll add the hammer-ons:

Lyle: Now let's practice a few more riffs using the Em pentatonic. Here's a basic 2 octave scale pattern you'll work with:

Lyle: Here's your next riff using the Em pentatonic scale:

Lyle: The next riff uses a fast hammer-on:

Lyle: The next riff has fast sixteenth notes at the beginning of each measure:

Lyle: Next riff uses octaves:

Lyle: Next riff is a variation of the octave riff:

Lyle: Get all these scales and riffs to sound strong and smooth and practice them with the jam track. It may take a short time or it could take several extra repetitions to get these all down. When you do have all these sounding good, take a short break, then start with the next lesson.

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