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Slap Bass For Beginners

Lesson 4

Lyle: In this lesson you'll work on a few cool riffs that combine the slap and pop techniques. Here's a drum beat you can use to practice these riffs with:

Lyle: Here's your first riff, which starts on the G note:

Lyle: Watching the video can help:

Lyle: The next riff is just like riff 1, but starting on E:

Lyle: The next riff starts with a slide up from G to A:

Lyle: The next riff is a little more complicated. Take your time with it so you can get it just right.

Steve: I forgot, what do the 'S' and 'P' stand for?

Lyle: S = slap, P = pop

Lyle: Here's an easy pattern for the Em pentatonic scale. Play each note 2x, alternating between slapping and popping:

Lyle: The next riff is made from the Em pentatonic scale:

Lyle: The next riff is a fun one, based in the key of E:

Lyle: As a beginner, your goal is to be able to play any and all of these riffs. Practice them over and over along to the drum loop so you can work on your timing.

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. I hope these exercises and riffs have helped your style!

Steve: very good, thanks!

Lyle: Welcome!

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