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Drone notes are strange sounding, they are influenced by eastern instruments and the scales also, we'll be using the E major scale pattern on the 12th fret try the first scale:

Michael: the scale has E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#, 7 notes, all the licks tonight will use this pattern, let's use the 4th jam track from the "Lick of the Day" load this file and we'll play the licks over it

Michael: here's the E Maj 3rd interval (E and G#)

E maj 3rd

Michael: most these licks are based on these two notes

Michael: notice how I started off with the E Maj scale then added intervals/chords towards the end, try playing it to the jam track here's some images with the intervals

Lick 1 Interval Images

Michael: here's a B min 3rd

Michael: now A maj 3rd

Michael: then a barre on the 12th fret A 4

Ed: we should be playing E maj scale over this?

Michael: you can and jam all you want

Ed: is the E min scale OK too?

Michael: yes that works

Ed: which one is better for this sound?

Michael: you can use both sounds sometimes in grunge styles, they're just different, ready for lick 2

espbanez: these sound so odd.

Michael: I'll send you the E minor pentatonic scale in a minute

Lyle: Why not an E minor? Why the pentatonic?

Michael: most grunge leads use the minor pentatonic

espbanez: i know this one

Michael: it's pretty common for rock, notice in the last lick how I play on the low E then the middle two strings

espbanez: i like the scales with only 2 notes per string... its easier to alternate pick them

espbanez: the ones with 3 are harder to do

Michael: it is, you have to use the little finger and the picking is harder

espbanez: how would you recommend picking when there's 3 notes on a string?

Michael: the video displays the technique look at the last video I just sent here are the interval images

Lick 2 Chord Images

Michael: D 5

Michael: D b5

Michael: D 6

Michael: do any of you know the difference between a "chord" and an "interval"?

George: chord contains intervals

Michael: yes it does, an "interval" is the relationship between 2 two notes, the chord usually has 3 or more notes that are related

George: 1-3-5 is a major chord

Michael: yes George

George: 1-b3-5 is a minor chord

Michael: so when I send over a line with two notes played at the same time it's called an "interval" here's the next lick

espbanez: is a power chord a interval?

Lyle: 1 -5

Michael: the E and B are a E 5 interval, you add an extra E (octave) you have a E 5 power chord the last lick I changed a little on the last lick I hold my thumb on the 12th fret (6th string) then barre the 12th fret for the rest of the notes

espbanez: you pick kinda odd.

Lick 3 Chord Images & Thumb Technique

Michael: Jimi Hendrix use to use this technique all the time

tim: which finger is that under the thumb?

espbanez: that makes it easier to play.. using the thumb

Michael: my 1st finger let's take the same basic lick and break it down, we'll use more of the thumb technique, so you can get use to it

Michael: I'm sending you the video also

Michael: you can use it for a counter to a bass/drum track

espbanez: hey teach..... play a sweet solo for us... just so we can see how good you are

AceDuck: yeah! make a video of it

tim: yeah

Michael: let me send you another lick and make the live jam track for you while you work on the last lick

viper: yes, give us a solo

Michael: is that ok with everybody?

espbanez: but then we want a solo

Michael: Let me record a solo

Michael: I used the E minor scale on my Tele

Anthony21: Teach: do you think a good guideline to follow is to not stop practicing until your fingers hurt

Michael: there is a point to rest

espbanez: you'll get used to it.

Michael: let me send over one more lick

espbanez: some day... i will be better than the teach

Michael: keep practicing you guys

espbanez: haha

Michael: I spent hours upon hours working on it and I know you can do it too if you practice

Michael: we were using some Hendrix techniques also

Michael: bye!

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