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Michael Johnson >> 60s Funk & Soul >>

Michael: This interactive lesson covers the rhythm style of Freddie Stone, guitarists for Sly & the Family Stone 

Gin: I Love Sly too. "You Can Make it if You Try" and "Everyday People"

Michael: here's an extended pattern of the E Minor Pentatonic scale starting from the open E to 12th fret

E Minor Pentatonic scale

Michael: this scale has the same notes as the open pentatonic scale but extended, notice the 5 notes E, G, A, B, D, we'll use this pattern for any licks, but some might fit into another pattern. Have any of you played this pattern before?

Scot: things like it

Justin: not this exact one

Michael: it's great for solos

Justin: usually just the one that covers four frets

wg99nyr99: not the extended version

j0n: yeah, usually as a pattern of boxes... trying to expand my mind to think of it all over the fretboard

Michael: let's start with our first funk jam track

Michael: this jam track is based on the the E, it's also based on the 1, 4, 6 of that scale, by that I mean

E, F#, G, A, B, C, D
 so the first note is E, 4th = A, 6th = D, now you can play the power chords over this track

Michael: we're going to build on that progression in stages, it'll get harder as we go along

Michael: try playing along with the jam track I just sent

Michael: do you hear how you play over the progression, now try to play the root notes of the bass line

Chris: whatd do you mean teach?...root note of a little lost...sorry

Michael: you'll hear it in a sec

Michael: play along with the next jam track I just sent, notice how the licks descend down the scale pattern, then it ascends up the pattern on the 6th and 5th strings, this is called playing a unison lick or run, you can also play the exact same line as the bass by adding octave notes

Bill: what do you mean unison

Michael: the exact same lick

Scot: same lick as the bass player?

Michael: yes scot, now here's the octave version

Michael: this lick might be tough for some of you

Michael: here's the fingering I use, all I'm doing is follow the exact same lick as the bass, so it depends on what the bass player is doing

j0n: ok... so it's just playing the same note, at a higher pitch.. between the notes of the original riff... makes sense now

j0n: damn, that's a really easy way to add to any riff... what power :)

LarryS: Do you often solo in unison with the bass?

Michael: it depends Larry on the song

Chris: tell you what.. its a good finger exercise too...gets you moving around and skipping strings

Michael: I do at times Larry, ok now let's try a counter melody to the groove

Scot: how do you pick these octaves?

Michael: Scott I use both down-picking to get the muted type sound

Scot: that makes it a lot tougher

Michael: listen to the jam track I just sent to catch the rhythm and how this rhythm has common notes to the bass, but creates a counter groove

prodigy: how are you holding the E9 chord?

Michael: I'll send you a picture

prodigy: are you using your thumb?

Michael: I tend to grab the top of the neck with my thumb, do you see how the rhythm sounds more complex. Here bass still follows the E, A, D, E pattern and the counter part stays in E

Skedman: It really fills up the space nice.

LarryS: Can you cover octaves sometime?

Michael: Larry it's pretty simple

Michael: you can see what the octave notes are in the last tab I sent, all you do is play them at the same time

Michael: now you can play a scale in octaves

  Michael: now let's try chords over the funk bass

Michael: here's the images of the chords

wg99nyr99: you must have a typo your 5 a 7 chord changes a bit

Michael: E7

Michael: A7

Michael: with the little finger added to the 2nd string, D7 has the same fingering as E7, one last chord

j0n: gotta love 9th chords... instant funk

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