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Michael Johnson >> 70s Funk Blast >>
MichaelJ: our lesson tonight will take a different twist on '70s funk/rock, we'll cover more of the progressive/rock, check out the lesson sample:

Lv8rdoc: Kinda Beck-y

MichaelJ: you bet, have most of you heard Jeff Beck's "Blow by Blow" and "Wired" it's a twist on that.

dp: classics

JoeyC: classic works

MichaelJ: it's basically funk/rock, here's the first jam track:

MichaelJ: this will get you started, our first licks will be based in E. Here's our E minor pentatonic scale (E, G, A, Bb, B, D):

E Minor Pentatonic

MichaelJ: try this scale over the jam track, here's our first lick

E Lick 1

MichaelJ: this first lick uses octaves

MichaelJ: I use my first finger and 4th to play these octaves, notice the rhythm pattern

verbatim: any tips on how to mute the middle string but avoid harmonics on it?

Stan: I mute that string with the index finger

MichaelJ: you lightly touch your first finger to mute the middle string

verbatim: me too, but I get harmonics like on the e chord

MichaelJ: try readjusting your hand and angle, here's our next lick

E Lick 2

MichaelJ: notice the E lick is in the standard blues box pattern, try picking harmonics if you know how to do that, the lick descends down the E blues pattern. with the b5, then you repeat the first octave lick

Repeated Octave Lick

MichaelJ: after that lick you can play in the first position of the E minor pentatonic in the open position

Open E Minor Pentatonic scale

MichaelJ: here's the scale pattern, actually that's the E minor blues scale with the added b5 note, here's the lick n the open position

Open E pen lick

MichaelJ: to harmonic pick you have to hit your fingernail first then the pick

Stuart: Are you picking each of the notes for lick 2 or are there some hammers?

MichaelJ: picking

JoeyC: is the fingernail over the 14th fret???

MichaelJ: it's over the pickup with the picking hand

JoeyC: that's close enough?

MichaelJ: yes

Stan: are harmonic notes easier to get on the lower frets?

MichaelJ: it doesn't really matter where on the fret hand, it's all in your picking technique

irene: when you do the first bend do you just keep it bent or release and bent again?

MichaelJ: you slightly bend it up for each note, notice that you bend the 2nd fret with your 3rd finger

Stuart: why? I don't seem to have a problem bending with my 2nd

MichaelJ: it gives most people more control when bending near the nut, especially with heavy gauge strings. Our progression moves to F#, here's our next jam track:

MichaelJ: for this F# groove we'll use standard funk rhythms based on the F#9 chord

MichaelJ: here's the first lick using the chord pattern

F#9 chord lick

MichaelJ: the first part slides from the top of the chord to the 9th fret,  then you jump to the 3rd finger barred on the 11th fret, notice how the end of the phrase jumps to the Edom7, Fdom7 and F# dom7, you can practice the main chords if you do, you can also add lick using the F# min pen scale along with the F#9 chord

F#9 chord/lick

MichaelJ: notice I highlighted the lower notes used in the chord

F#9 chord

MichaelJ: "2" = "9"  let's move on

MichaelJ: I like how this line descends, I should clarify that the "2" on the fretboard = the "9" of the chord not on the tab, you can follow the bass pattern using major and minor 3rd intervals

E Lick

MichaelJ: they sound cool played together, do you all know the difference between a Major 3rd and Minor 3rd? just checking, you can also add the E major pentatonic scale to this section

E Major Pentatonic Lick

MichaelJ: this lick starts on the open E and slides up the scale pattern, here's the jam track with all the parts we've covered so far

MichaelJ: this next jam track will let you practice switching between all the parts we've covered so far, try making up your own licks if you want, remember, E, F# and E is the main chord structure, now to cap on everything we covered changing keys and adjust the scale patterns and licks to the chord structure, we also used a standard funk chord groove variation on the F#, you have options for related scales patterns and using combinations of the 9th chords and scales well it was great to have you all!

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