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Michael Johnson >> Rockabilly Legends >>
Lesson Subject: Rockabilly Legends
What you learn: Gene Vincent Style
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: This interactive lesson will cover the style of Gene Vincent who inspired many modern guitarist like Brian Setzer, Albert Lee and other players. Gene Vincent burst on to the rock 'n' roll scene with a band called the Blue Caps immediately after Elvis Presley. Gene was backed by lead guitarist virtuoso Cliff Gallup. These chords, rhythms and licks are great for beginning guitarists and fun for more advanced players as well. Here's a sample of what you'll learn:

Our lesson will cover the following.

1. Using the I, IV, V
2. Using 7th chords in the progression
3. Playing chords and adding licks
4. Playing licks over the progression

Michael:  Our progression is in the key of E Major: E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#. The chord progression is based on the I. IV, V of that scale, do you know what the notes are?

sr: is it E A B?

Rhinosaur: e a b

Michael: Correct, here's the E7, A7 & B7 chords.

Michael: Here are two examples of playing the same chord, here are 2 versions of the E7, notice I add the little finger which adds an extra 7 note to the chord:

E7 Chord

E7 Chord (w/finger added)

Michael: Here's 2 versions of the A7.

A7 Chord

A7 Chord (w/finger added)

Michael: Now 2 versions of the B7.

B7 Chord

B7 Chord (w/finger added)

Michael: Notice how the 7th chords with the added fingers produce more of a '50s sound.

Michael: Here's the 7th chords played in a progression using in the looping jam track:

Jam Track 1

Michael: Try playing the chords over the progression. Our E progression is E7 (I), A7 (IV), E7 (I), B7, (V), A7 (IV) E7. Now we'll try with hammer different notes on each chord.

Michael: Here's one version for E7.

E7 Chord

A7 Chord (w/hammer finger)

Michael: Now for A7.

A7 Chord

A7 Chord (w/hammer finger)

Michael: And B7.

B7 Chord

B7 Chord (w/hammer finger)

Michael: Here's a jam track with the chords played over the bass and drums.

Jam Track 2

Michael: Try the chords while playing licks in between each chord:

Michael: You can use the mouse to select a section of the tab to practice and loop, more of a challenge. Notice how the 3rd finger sets up playing the riff after each chord.

E7 Chord

Hand Position for Lick

Michael: It might be easier to practice over the first jam track.

Jam Track 1

Michael: Now let's get down to some licks, you can use the E minor pentatonic scale, E Major Pentatonic scale and the E Dorian. Here's lick 1:

Michael: Here's the notes used in the E Dorian.

Michael: Here's another lick.

Michael: Notice the notes used on the lick as well, this can actually be considered in the E Major Pentatonic scale. Here's lick 3:

Michael: This has an early double-stop sound using the 2nd & 3rd strings, here's another double-stop lick which uses single notes as well.

Michael: I love the sound of the old double-stop licks, it gives you that Chuck Berry sound!

Michael: Here's another double-stop lick, this lick has a nice slide from the 11th to 12th frets and bounces between notes on the 14th and 15th frets, later in the lick you have a nice double string band using both 2nd & 3rd fingers to bend.
Double-note Bend (2nd & 3rd strings)

Michael: Practice these licks and I'll see you next lesson!

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