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Michael Johnson >> Blues Legends II >>
Lesson Subject: Blues Legends II
What you learn: BB King Style Pt 2
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Our interactive lesson covers the style of B. B. King! This is part 2 of this series. Here's a sample the licks we will cover in this lesson:

Michael: First let's start with the jam track:

Michael: Notice the progression plays outside of the common blues, it's in the key of E, then Ab, A and C, and then jumps back to E. Here's the progression:

Michael: This will help you to check out the chord changes while the licks shift. Try playing the chords over the jam track a few times. Here's a audio with the chords if you want to practice:

Michael: Did you notice in the first audio how I play in the E Major Pentatonic scale but later change the scale pattern? Now you can play various guitar lick over the progression, here's the first lick:

Lick 1

Michael: This lick is like the one you learned previous lesson, but in a different position, notice the vibrato used on that lick you vibrato on the last note. Lets jump to the next lick:

Lick 2

Michael: Notice the last lick follows the major pentatonic scale pattern.

Michael: See how the last lick fits the scale pattern, you can also add a b3, which gives it a major blues sound.

Michael: I highlighted the b3 notes.

mehl: Are you using alternate picking on that lick?

Michael: Yes, ok during the progression you can shift to the A Major Pentatonic scale with the chord progression.

Lick 3

Dan: what part of the chord progression?

Michael: It's the 3rd chord of the progression, I sent the A Major Pentatonic scale pattern so you can see where the last lick came from, play to the jam track and try the get the feel of the transitions, it's also on the demo track I sent at the beginning. Here's file again:

Michael: Do you hear the 3rd lick played over the A, our next chord is C, you can play the same type pattern but only in C:

Michael: Here's the scale for the C Major Pentatonic lick coming up.

Lick 4

Michael: Do you see how the lick starts at the beginning of the scale pattern.... then plays the lick using the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings. Play the teacher sample to get an idea of how these parts fit together, the next lick uses the E Major pen pattern on the 9th fret

Lick 5

Dan: What would this progression be called?

Michael: Well you can call it an extended blues progression, find the key first, then if it's based on major or minor, then find the chords, here's the last lick:

Lick 6

Michael: That's it for today, see you all next time!

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