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Michael Johnson >> Acoustic Folk Guitar >>
Lesson Subject: Acoustic Folk Guitar
What you learn: Picking & Chords
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: This interactive lesson covers various basics of acoustic folk guitar, which includes many chord variations and picking patterns. The audio clip will give you an idea of the chords and picking patterns you'll learn in this lesson:

Pattern 1

Michael: You might recognize the picking pattern. The main chord is going to be based on D and D add9, here's our first pattern:

Pattern 1

Jam Track  

The video will show both the picking and chords, it's all in the picking. Notice you play three strings; 4th, 3rd, 2nd and back to 3rd, then to the 1st string, 2nd, 3rd and back to 2nd.

Michael: The chord I gave will be included in the coming variations. Next we'll add a C and G major, simple but effective, it'll get more advanced as we go along,

Pattern 2

Jam Track 2

Play the D pattern and add these two chords w/the picking pattern, it has the D, D add9 and C and G.

Michael: Here's the chords fingerings for any beginners. We'll beef up the chords in a bit, practice the pattern first.

Aaron: Where do you rest the picking hand?

Michael: I rest the butt of my picking hand on the bridge...... others will rest the thumb to balance the fingerpicking, I'll show you........

Michael: Here's our next pattern.

Pattern 3

Jam Track 3

Are we fingerpicking or playing one finger?

Michael: Chaz you are fingerpicking. Use the thumb, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd fingers. Notice the nice descending pattern, the descending chromatic line is on the third string.

Michael: Here's the D Major Pentatonic scale pattern.

Michael: Try playing the scale over the last jam track. OK, next pattern...

Pattern 4

Jam Track 4

This next file uses a nice descending bass line the revolves around the D chord. Try playing to this jam track, here are the pictures of the chords used:

Michael: This should help some of you on the fingering, here's the last pattern.

Pattern 5

Jam Track 5

Michael: Here are the pictures for the chords:

Nobody: You could change that pattern around to something different?

Michael: Sure can Nobody, that's the whole idea of this lesson, the many variations you can create, so class this concludes our lesson. I hope to see you next lesson!

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