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Michael Johnson >> Jimmy Page Blues-Rock style >>
Lesson Subject: Jimmy Page Blues Rock
What you learn: Zeppelin Blues Rock Licks
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: This interactive lesson continues Jimmy Page's early Zeppelin blues style and influences, the Zeppelin blues sound was all attributed to Jimmy's influence by guitarists like Muddy Waters, Albert King, etc. Notice the blues licks in the lesson sample:

Lesson Sample

Michael: Let's get started, our first lick is based on a common blues bass type run.

Michael: This is a common chromatic bass run. Now we can add the open B string to enhance the sound.

Michael: Notice how you can play the open B string each time you play the chromatic notes.

fenderbluers: Hey teach did jimmy page do a lot of shredding or just blues licks.

Michael: He uses all kinds of techniques fender, we'll cover some in this lesson. Now we can use a descending bass line while you play the open B string.

Michael: Now we can add to this lick:

Lick 2

robbie: What key is this in?

Michael: Good point Robbie, this is all in the Key of E. Notice the chords at the end of this lick, it's the E7 #9 or otherwise known as the Jimi Hendrix chord used in "Purple Haze" and "Foxey Lady."

E7#9 Chord (7th fret)

robbie: Can you transpose this lick to the key of A??

Michael: Sure you can transpose it, let me give you a jam track to play over.

Looping Jam Track - Lick 1

esph100: Are you finger picking this song, or switching between pick and finger.

Michael: Esph100, I'm fingerpicking. Here's a picture of the technique I'm using and a picking video:

Finger/Thumb Picking Technique

Picking technique

Michael: Many blues players would switch from fingerpicking to using the pick to strum, thumb & 2nd or 3rd finger. Now we can move to A which is the IV of the blues progression:

Lick 3

Michael: Now in this case you can switch the same lick to the D string (4th) and use the open A string (5th) as well. Here's a jam track for that lick:

Looping Jam Track - Lick 2

Michael: So we basically follow the I, IV, V blues progression E, A, B, so all the licks are based on each of these chords. Now you can add a guitar lick at the end of the progression in the E Minor Pentatonic scale pattern on the 12th fret, the chords for the lending of the progression is A, Bb, B and you add a few licks in-between each chord.

Lick 4

fenderbluers: Didn't he just slide up after he played it.

Michael: Yes he did, the last chord is the A7 #9 played on the 12th fret.

esph100: how far did you slide up though?

Michael: 12th fret

Lick 5

fenderbluers: Hey teach what kind of amp and/or effects do you use to get that page sound.

Michael: I'm using a Tele through a Korg Pandora Box. OK, here's the entire progression with all the parts we covered so far and a jam track to practice over.

Lick 5

Michael: The E7 #9 is a good chord to know. You'd be surprised how many bands use that chord; Hendrix, SRV, Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, etc. etc. etc.

ECid: I hear it a lot in funk

Michael: You bet ECid.

esph100: What guitar do you prefer teacher?

Michael: Depends on the sound I want to get. Various guitars have different personalities, on these licks I'm using a Fender Tele, Page used a Fender Broadcaster for most of his early recordings.

Looping Jam Track - entire progression

Michael: Here comes a jam track for the last tab, you can even play lick in the E minor pentatonic scale I sent earlier. OK let's try another lick, this is a common blues lick.

Michael: We'll take this basic pattern and turn it into a pattern using some of the same chords we used earlier. Now we'll alter it a little:

Michael: Here's a jam track for that lick.

Looping Jam Track - Lick 5

Michael: Well time to go, hope to see you all next lesson, good bye!!!

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