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Michael Johnson >> Guitarists of Ozzy >>
Lesson Subject: Guitarists of Ozzy
What you learn: Exercises - Scales, Runs, Triads
Teacher: Michael Johnson

Michael: Here are some essential warm-ups you can practice to prepare you for playing om the styles of Ozzy's guitarists; Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee & Zakk Wylde. Many of these licks are based in the A minor scale and F# Diminished scale patterns. Practice this scale a few times ascending and descending.

Michael: Now try playing a sequence of triads within this scale pattern/key.

Michael: Now we'll break these triads into hammer/pull-off licks. Try practicing these licks a few times.

Am Triad Hammer/Pull-off exercise

Michael: Now we'll apply this hammer/pull-off lick throughout the triad pattern you played earlier.

Michael: Try building up to the speed in this video over time.

Triad Hammer/Pull-off exercise 2

Michael: Now try this Hammer/Pull-off pattern.

Am Hammer/Pull-off exercise

Am Hammer/Pull-off Run 1

Michael: Now let's move to the F# Diminished pattern using the 1, b3, b5, bb7 of the scale pattern.

F# Diminished exercise 2

Michael: Take your time and slowly build up your speed on each of these exercises. It takes patience, but this will help your overall finger dexterity and hand strength, thus allowing you to play the following lessons with more ease. Visit these exercises often and you'll notice quite an improvement in your playing and speed. Continue on with the lessons!

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