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Lesson Sample

Lesson Jam Track (Key of Bm)

Hey everyone. Tonight, Part 2 - Reggae Guitar Style. Introducing minor keys chord progressions.  Also, the 8th note chek and 16th note chek-a strokes. And appropriate scales with related riffs. Here is our progression for this lesson's work.

Chek Stroke

Teacher: The feel here is straight time with the characteristic Reggae chord hits, the 'chek', placed on each upbeat. Again, characteristic is the short, staccato sound with slight palm muting. Video coming

Chek Stroke

Teacher: Here are some other minor chord voicings to be familiar with

Minor Chord Voicings

Teacher: Combining last lesson's major chord voicings gives us a few ways to handling this chord progression of Bm - G - A

Chord Combinations

Teacher: Here is the bassline for the jam.


Teacher: Adding a double , or 'chek-a', stroke gives us a 16th note division of our 8th note chek

Chek-a Stroke

Teacher: Keep the left hand light. Even with the time of each stroke so short, there is a slight bounce or gap between the strums

Video Clip 1

chek stroke combinations

Teacher: These two can be worked in combinations

cass: are you running any effects on that sound?

Rhythm Scatches

Teacher: Pretty dry effect wise, little reverb. Some of the single note lines coming up have some chorus or background delay

Teacher: The use of effects, especially delay, will be addressed in another lesson coming up.

Teacher: Some distortion, too. More bluesy than hard rock

cass: ok, thanks

Teacher: The scratches between the cheks are another important sound.

Rhythm Scratches

Teacher: the Minor Pentatonic Scale is an important choice for Reggae songs in minor keys

Minor Pentatonic - Extended Pattern

Melody Break

Teacher: Used here in this signature melody break.

Teacher: and in this counterline to the rhythm guitar

Minor Pentatonic Counterline

jp: I shot the...

Arpeggios (Bm-G-A)

Teacher: typical Minor Reggae jams include "I Shot the Sheriff", "Smoke Two Joints"...

Teacher: The bassline uses notes exclusively in the arpeggios of each chord. These are important for counterlines as well.

Arpeggio Counterline

Teacher: mix these notes into the Pentatonic and you get the Natural Minor scale.

B Natural Minor Scale

Teacher: Use this scale for the most versatility in creating your counterlines.

Minor Counterline

jp: what's the basic idea of a counterline, when do you do it?

Teacher: it is a compliment part to the bassline, a single note line that weaves around in the background

jp: got it, thanks

Support: 22please ignore my last comment :-)

Teacher: ok everyone. Keep jammin' and I wanna jam it with you. Have a great week.

jp: thanks, stay positive

Teacher: yes.

Teacher: bye guys

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