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Lesson Sample

Lesson Jam Track (Am-Dm7-G-Cmaj7)

Lesson Jam Track (Bass + Drums Only)

Teacher: Just fixed the fingering on that.

Teacher: Taking a look a Modern "Ska" style for this lesson.

Ska Clip

Teacher: In the key of A minor.

A Natural Minor Scale

A Minor Pentatonic

Teacher: Try this rhythm or 'clip' variations

Teacher: adding muted strings on each backbeat, beats 2 + 4

Ska Clip with Backbeat Mute

Teacher: note the use of F Major over a D bass note to imply Dm7. And using E Minor over a C bass note to imply Cmaj7

Ska Clip with 1+3 Stroke

Teacher: This variation adds strums on the first and third beats. The remaining eighth notes left empty are on the backbeats, beats 2+4. Again locking in the rhythm guitar to the snare

Teacher: Using chromatic approaches, side-slipping and chord variations you can get a lot of variations.

Ska Variation

Teacher: The tempo of Ska is quite fast. This lesson example is 200 BPM.

Teacher: A good change of pace is to lock in just on the backbeat

Backbeat Clip

Teacher: Also popular is a breakdown, or 'mix', section. Common to reggae. Here the bass and guitar play the same rhythm. Drums could join in too.

Teacher: Didn't feel like programming the drum machine though

1+3 Clip

Teacher: For maximum heft using full bar chord forms. Standard Major and Minor bar chords

Double Stroke 1+3 Clip

Teacher: I didn't do much in the way of lead stuff for this lesson as yet.

Teacher: Do you guys have any questions. On this subject or otherwise?

Teacher: ?

Teacher: Otherwise I am calling this a lesson, a series, etc. Lesson requests, etc. speak now or hold your peace.

Teacher: 5,

Teacher: 4,

Teacher: 3,

Teacher: 2,

Teacher: 1... New lesson series next week. Have a great 4th holiday.

confused: could we use the a dorian mode with this

Teacher: the F in the Dm7 chord strongly implies the Natural Minor, Aeolian.

Teacher: You could use it over the other three chords but the progression goes by so fast you have to be on your toes

confused: ok i am pretty green on theory

Teacher: They differ by a single note. In this key of A minor, just the difference of F, the b6 (Aeolian) or F# (6) for Dorian

confused: i am having a hard time with the backbeat mutes because i am using my fingers any tips to make it sound cleaner

confused: got it nevermind

A Dorian (6th highlighted)

Teacher: I am adding more vids to the finished CD. Any other questions?

confused: thanks good lesson

Teacher: Take it easy guys. C ya

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