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Looping Track 1 (Bass + Drums only)

Teacher: Candlebox burst out of Seattle in 1993 with their self-titled debut album. Featuring Peter Klett on guitars, their style fell somewhere between all the bands we have looked at. They had the metal influences of Alice in Chains, the grunge of Nirvana and a dash of Red Hot Chili Peppers funk.

Teacher: There is some good guitar work on their first CD. Grab the Les Paul and let the Marshalls and Mesas crank for tonights licks. A wah is useful too.

Lick 1

Teacher: Tonights riffs are in 6/8 time signature. Best counted 1-2-3,4-5-6. The main key center is B minor.

Teacher: The 'x' notes represent 'muted' notes. Slightly lift the pressure off the string to get more of a 'click' than a note. Common in funk styles.

Teacher: Here are a couple of nice Bm7 voicings that work well as a 'pad' to these licks

Bm7 Voicings

Bm7 Chords

Teacher: Here is a variation on the original lick.

Lick 2

Teacher: 6/8 time is best handled with downstrokes on the count. You can hear the drums outlining this count with the high hat. Upstrokes for the off beat notes

bart: trying... do you have an example?

Teacher: The first lick for example. Pick down up up for the first half and all down for the notes in the 2nd half. Along the 2nd string

Teacher: Try variations with this scale, the Dorian Mode. A nice fit for a groovy minor 7 chord

B Dorian Mode

Teacher: Here is an like idea further up the neck.

Lick 3

Teacher: Notice the mix of lead and rhythm. Being the only guitar player, Klett fills in the classic Hendrix tradition. The thumb for the bass note keeps the left hand in a familiar 'lead' position

Audio: ask support

Teacher: This pentatonic pattern fits nicely around the chord

B Minor Pentatonic

Teacher: Here is another similar lick

Lick 4

Teacher: For the next section we add two new chords, G5 and A, and simplify the Bm7 to a B5 chord for a heavier sound.

Lick 5

Looping Track 2

Teacher: The added G chord now implies the darker sounding Aeolian Mode. Also called the Natural Minor scale

B Aeolian Mode

Teacher: Here is a popular alternative to thick rhythm parts without more chords. Use octaves.

Lick 6

Teacher: This lick traces the chords by keeping the octave notes on a note contained within the chord. Experiment with this pattern.

B minor scale in octaves

Teacher: One or two more licks. Real simple.

Lick 7

Teacher: An nice repeating whole step bend off the root note up to the '2nd'. Then a melodic bend at the end where we bend up 1 1/2 steps to the minor 3rd.

Teacher: With wah and vibrato.

Teacher: A similar idea here.

Lick 8

Teacher: I hope you enjoyed this Seattle Grunge series. Please feel free to contact me with with your questions, suggestions and private lesson requests. Rock on!

Lick 9

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