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Storm Stenvold >> Beginning Classical Guitar >>
Lesson Subject: Beginning Classical Guitar
What you learn: Romanza (Romance)
Teacher: Storm Stenvold

Storm: Hi class. In this lesson we'll finish the classical composition "Romanza." In the last last lesson we covered the first section in E minor, in this lesson we'll cover the second section in E Major. The standard arrangement is to play the E minor section twice.  Then to play the section in E Major that we will learn in this lesson and then one final repeat of the first section. The picking pattern is the same as the last lesson, in fact we took the opening phrase and made a right hand exercise out of it.

Video - Right Hand Picking

Storm: Our first chord shape is an E major chord, however it's not your standard shape. Below is an illustration.

E Chord

Storm: In this shape you fret the 1st finger on the 1st fret/3rd string and the 4th finger on the 1st string/4th fret.

Storm: This section covers the first two bars. Notice in the second bar how the melody moves down to the second fret and then to the open string. The melody moves only once to the second string. Here's the section:

Storm: The chord is essentially a B7 and barred at the second fret.


Storm: The phrase starts with a melody E note and then moves to B7.


Storm: The second beat in the second measure changes to B with a minor 3rd, or #9 and then back to B7.


Romanza - Major Section

Storm: Here's a sample of the section.

Storm: This section moves up to 7th position and continues with the B chord and new melody notes.


Storm: Notice the big stretch up to D# at the 11th fret. You continue holding the barre at the 7th fret and back.

Storm: The next bar starts out with the first 3 strings played on the same fret, but in this case you give each string its own finger. This fingering will allow you to get the melody notes by lifting and replacing the 4th finger and then stretching it up to the 11th fret.


Storm: Now you move up to the 9th position. This fingering is actually an E chord. Now you play a melody using the high E position.

E - 9th Position

Storm: The melody descends chromatically from the 12th to the 10th fret.

Storm: Now you move to an A chord voiced in 5th position with another big stretch of 4 frets. This chord should be easier because you don't have to hold any bass notes with your finger. Notice the use of the bass notes. Open strings are used when moving positions, this will help you to reach the melody.

A - 5th Position

Storm: Now we're on the home stretch, in this section you use the B7 chord in 2nd position.


Storm: Starting with the first string at the 4th fret, now try moving to the 5th fret with the same fourth finger and back to the 4th fret. Now lift you 4th finger to the barred 2nd fret. This brings us back to a final E major chord.

E - Final Run

Storm: Notice the slight slowing toward the end of the phase, the musical term for this is called 'ritard'. Here's the sound clip of the entire form as suggested. 

Romanza - Full Form

Storm: Thanks for 'tuning in'. Remember to 'tune up' Goodnight.

Glenn: great lesson

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