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Storm Stenvold >> Eddie Van Halen style >>
Lesson Subject: Eddie Van Halen Style
What you learn: Part II
Storm: Storm Stenvold

Jam Track (Full Band)

Storm: Hey everyone. More VH in this lesson. Sort of 'back to school' night, with this jam track. The jam track for tonight's lesson is in the key of A.

Storm: Here comes a tab. Open position.

fenderblues: Teach when you play fast is the main thing alternate pick and practice it.

Storm: The jam track is on A5, a couple other chords in there, with a little bass note move in between there, once m3 to maj3.

A5 Chord

G5 Chord

Storm: ThatG5 chord is one of Van Halen's favorites. Mute the 5th string with the side of the second finger.

Eb5 Chord

D5 Chord

Storm: The last two 'double-stop' chords imply the A blues scale. Eddie Van Halen is known as a technical, speedy player. And when it comes to speed we need to develop and use alternate picking. Rapidly picking one note is called 'tremolo picking'. Eddie has speed to burn with his tremolo. Lets try a lick. Here is a scale that Eddie favors.

Storm: This is a Dorian mode. Don't know if Eddie calls it that but he uses it a lot. The notes can all be used. The root note is highlighted.

Tremolo Picking

Storm: Eddie has an unusual way of gripping the pick. Here's a video to demonstrate. He grips the pick between the middle finger and thumb. Very little pick hits the string. And lets his hand float. Each note is picked as rapidly as you can.

esph100: That's odd between the middle and the thumb .. does it make any difference?

Storm: Eddie seems to like it. It allows him to switch to two hand tapping quickly.

fenderblues: Storm do you use the picking that Eddie does?

Storm: Unless you are trying to be EVH Jr. you don't have to tremolo pick like Eddie. Use what is comfortable. For me it is standard index finger - thumb. I read Eddie played violin when he was young and that is how you hold the bow. I rest my palm slightly, yes. Eddie doesn't. Here are a couple more scales to try, then more riffs.

Storm: The Blues scale is a great fit. Some of our riffs are from that.

Storm: Eddie does the same, I think. Like the last scale is a mix of blues and Dorian. But it just sounds right.

fenderblues: Teach with bar dives isn't that just pushing the bar down and then slowly releasing it?

Storm: This is actually picking the note with the bar depressed.

mark6: What makes a harmonic?

Storm: That harmonic is really at like 2.2 fret. Just above the second. hold your finger lightly over the fret then pick and release finger It helps to have a humbucking bridge pickup and lots of distortion. Here is a riff with artificial harmonics.

Storm: This last lick uses pull-offs to the open string for a flurry of notes. Also a first finger bend in there.

esph100: Do you mean pinch or harmonics?

Storm: Yep. Dig in with the tip of the thumb on each down stroke. Move your right hand, too, to produce different pinch harmonics.

Storm: This riff uses unison bends. Another VH favorite.

Unison Bend

esph100: What's a unison bend?

Storm: Bending one note to pitch while holding that same target note on the next string. Use your second finger to help support the bent note.

Storm: This riff uses the blues scale up in 17th position.

andy: What is a good way to mix lead and rhythm for solo.

Storm: I will send a jam track with just the bass and drums. I would try soloing for a repetition then play rhythm. Try switching off. Eddie could do that at the drop of a hat.

'Hot' Jam Track (Bass + Drums)

Storm: This last lick is the same scale, utilizing the whammy bar to accent each bend.

esph100: What if our guitar doesn't have a whammy?

Storm: You go buy one! If you want to sound like Eddie VH.

fenderblues: Storm do you bend 20 right when you hammer on it.

 Bend a moment after hammering. On the bend up use the bar then release.

rockman: Cool tap there teach :)....that's played on the A, D and G in sequence on the actual track isn't it?

Storm: Exactly. One more Hot for Teacher riff and that's it. Next week, mucho tapping and solo stun guitar stuff.

Hot 4

Storm: Alright have a great night. I hope you can make it here next week!

spongefoot: thanks teach you helped me smooth that tapping.


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