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Storm Stenvold >> Jeff Beck style >>
Lesson Subject: Jeff Beck Style
What you learn: Part V
Storm: Storm Stenvold

Lesson Sample

Storm: Wow! The last in the Jeff Beck series tonight. Here's the loop for tonight's lesson. A 'Rock' Blues progression.

Looping Jam Track

Storm:We'll use the key of G. Just a standard 12-Bar but with a pumping 16th note feel instead of your bluesy 'shuffle' feel. Here is a common blues scale to get us rolling.

Storm: You could more this up 12 frets as well. Some of our licks will be in this position. Like this one. Using an open string pull-off too.

Storm: He likes open strings + unconventional note choices too. More open string work here. And taking a simple 'inside' the scale lick 'outside'. Then back. With the whammy bar, another weapon of choice for Jeff.

Lick 2

Storm: I am presenting the licks in a different order than their names.

Lick 3

Storm: The same lick up an octave, both notes fretted now. Try this trill-whammy bar idea on other note pairs as well. Here is a Beck 'minimalist' trick.

Lick 4

Storm: Just octaves up and down the neck, this time of the root note G. Fingering is up for grabs. Whatever gets you around smoothly. Reminds me of "Pong". Wasn't that game the best? Some 'hybrid picking' in the next couple of example. Mixing the pick and fingers together in the right hand.

Lick 5

Storm: The lick uses 'sixth intervals. Here is another example in a similar vein.

Lick 6

Hybrid Picking technique

Storm: Here is a close-up of the pick hand technique. You could use just fingers. Or just picking if you mute carefully in the left hand. Jeff uses fingers. A couple of unconventional bends to end things tonight.

Steve-o: This might sound cool on slide. What do you think?

Storm: Try it like Jeff might, 'faux slide'. Use the left hand bend with a touch of vibrato bar in advance of the bend. The third lesson in this series I believe goes into this in more detail than I'll cover tonight.

Lick 8

Storm: Notice in this lick, again a big bend. 1 1/2 steps. This time, the weird cool move. Reach back on the 1st string for a note below the pitch of the bend. A little hint of the Major Pentatonic/Mixolydian scale in the lick.

Steve-o: 1/2 step descending

Storm: Yep. That's it. Have a great week everyone.

Steve-o: Thanks for the lesson

onen: OK, I will.

Storm: Coolness.

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