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Vintage Guitar Magazine Presents:

by Wolf Marshall

Subject: Swinging With The Sultan

Slinky pedal steel-style bends distinguish this unmistakable phrase. This is melodic rock, Knopfler style. Note the held bends in bars one and three. The articulation, use of the major pentatonic scale, and the sweeter note-to-chord relationship imply a country streak in Mark's musical persona. Also check out the typical raked arpeggio which begins bar three. This decorative arpeggiation is a familiar component of his style and has graced many solos in the repertory. Mark often employs question and answer phrase construction to produce a song-like feel in his improvisations, and this is what we find here. The melody in bars one and two is answered and completed by the line in bars three and four. 
Licks like this have caused many to marvel at the compositional structure of his solos. Play this one, and the next example, with a twangy, semi-clean tone (bridge and middle pickups of your Strat selected) and just a touch of slap-back echo. 

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