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Vintage Guitar Magazine Presents:

by Wolf Marshall

Subject: The Shaman's Samba

Our final lick is in G major and is played over a repeated Gmaj7-Am7 vamp in a brisk samba groove. This is another of Carlos' favorite chord figures and presents the major side of his improvisation style. The opening line in bar 1 is a typical Santana rhythmic lead passage. Note the stepwise scalar descent and the syncopated rhythm of the phrase - a major-mode variant of the line found in Lick 1. 
The patterns in bars 2 and 3 are based on the G major pentatonic scale, exploit bluesy string bends and produce a thematic riff-like statement. Notice the repeated bend-release-pull off figures sequenced in this section - another clever re-interpretation of the blues ethic transplanted in a novel context. Play this one with a lightly distorted tone and the guitar's neck pickup selected for a singing throaty sound.

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