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Vintage Guitar Magazine Presents:

by Wolf Marshall

Subject: Allman's Blues

Our first Allman lick is a blues line in E played over a moderate shuffle groove. This one exploits slide technique and is in Open E tuning (high to low: E-B-G#-E-B-E). To achieve this setup from standard tuning, raise both your A and D strings a whole step and your G a half step. Set your amp controls for sweet tube overdrive and use both neck and middle humbucking pickups. Strive for a healthy amount of sustain. This lick is played over the I chord of a blues in E and has a question-and-answer phrase structure typical of blues melody. 
It exploits Duane's favorite box for playing in root barre-chord position. Note the typical Allman extension into the next higher position in the second and third bars, and the prominent use of blue notes G and D in the melody. Be sure to pluck all notes with your fingers and use fret-hand muting to keep things clean.

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