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Welcome to the Live Lessons
featuring Wolf Marshall on
"Classic Rock Guitar Riffs"

Student barry says: Hi Angel

Student Angeline says: Hey what's up?

Student barry says: how are you?

Student barry says: just waiting for the lesson to start

Student barry says: I think they come on in about a half hour

Student Angeline says: I'm great! except my real guitar teacher is in Florida right now, I didn't get my guitar lessons

Student barry says: too bad

Student barry says: how long have you been playing?

Student Angeline says: I know it's selfish of me, because Jeff does deserve a brake, but I get cranky without my guitar lessons, and I miss Jeff, I've been playing for 1year and threes months

Student Angeline says: threes heheh whoops

Student barry says: 8-)

Student barry says: yea having a break can be a very good thing!

Student Angeline says: oh well, I have to go, I'll have to do this some other time, see-ya later, and keep practicing!

Student barry says: what kind of guitar do you have?

Student barry says: bye!

Student barry says: they have a archive lessons section

Student Angeline says: I have three guitars, one Silvertone(my first) One montaya accoustic(been in my house for 30 years) and my Fender Strata caster

Student barry says: what's your favorite?

Student Angeline says: The accoustic's been there since the 70's, I like my Fender, I have to go! see-ya!

Assistant says: Hey guys

Student barry says: What's up HS

Student tate says: wow, that took forever to ge in

Student axeboy says: man I know what you mean

Student Steve says: yea, the java chat is real slow

Student axeboy says: I'm just jammin' untill Wolf gets here

Student tate says: yea, me too

Student tate says: I just gat a new strat

Student axeboy says: those rock!

Student tate says: what do you have?

Student axeboy says: I have a Les Paul Studio

Student axeboy says: I use to have an SG

Student Steve says: how much does a new SG cost?

Student tate says: oh yea like Angus

Student axeboy says: $400

Student axeboy says: I got a used one

Student axeboy says: hey it's 8:00 where's Wolf?

Student tate says: yea

Assistant says: Wolf should be here in a few minutes

Student barry says: cool

Student axeboy says: right on

Student tate says: I'm ready to play

Student tate says: I like the Sweet Child of mine wav

Student tate says: I'm try to play it but I don't have the tab

Student axeboy says: I got it somewhere from OLGA

Assistant says: Hi anonymous

Student tate says: yea hi

Assistant says: is Wolf coming soon?

Student Steve says: good question

Assistant says: guys there's a few tech probs he should be here soon

Student tate says: that wav file has a great tone!

Student tate says: is that a les paul?

Assistant says: yes, the Slash tone

Student tate says: cool

Student tate says: that's my next axe

Student axeboy says: I love mine!

Student tate says: hi new user

Assistant says: what's up guys?

Student axeboy says: dude I'm sittin here jammin

Student axeboy says: I love the GnR wav

Wolf says: hello

Assistant says: Hi all, Wolf should be here in a sec

Assistant says: how are you?

Assistant says: hey Stratman

Student vidguy says: I'm fine, how are you?

Assistant says: did you use to be Redstrat?

Assistant says: I'm great

Assistant says: is this your first time here?

Student vidguy says: no, been before!

Assistant says: I'm Wolf's assistant tonight

Student stratman says: hey im using netscape this time and it works better than explorer

Assistant says: yea there's a new NAV plugin version

Student axeboy says: what guitars do you guys have?

Student stratman says: yea blake said there would be something different

Student vidguy says: Olympic White '72 hardtail strato

Student stratman says: have you upped any licks yet?

Assistant says: I have a Strat, Tele, Jackson, and a bunch others

Assistant says: oh yea 8-)

Assistant says: but it was for testing

Student stratman says: strat es345 & a les paul

Assistant says: the formats a little different

Assistant says: very cool

Student vidguy says: I love those 345,355's!

Student tate says: I have a Strat

Assistant says: me too!

Student stratman says: yea its stereo

Assistant says: I want a 335

Student vidguy says: I would like to get one of the old single cutaway LP juniors

Student axeboy says: are they kindof like jazz guitars?

Assistant says: very cool vid guy!

Student stratman says: took the tail piece off a put a stop on it

Wolf says: Hello, everyone

Assistant says: Hi Wolf!

Student stratman says: hi Wolf

Student vidguy says: Wolf!

Wolf says: How's everyone?

Assistant says: great!

Student axeboy says: great Wolf! and you?

Wolf says: I put in some very important guitar riffs tonight

Student stratman says: getting late here

Student vidguy says: Important in what way?

Student mark says: Greetings all

Student tate says: right on

Assistant says: Hi Mark

Wolf says: Each one represents a kind of riff you should know

Wolf says: Hi Mark

Student stratman says: let em rip

Wolf says: For example, Sweet Child is an interval riff

Student tate says: I was playing to that

Wolf says: You should load it and listen

Wolf says: Were you able to play it smoothly at tempo?

Wolf says: No takers?

Student tate says: no

Student tate says: I'm still working on it

Student tate says: it's pretty tough

Wolf says: Good. It has a fingering trick

Wolf says: Use your first finger for both notes on the 4th string

Assistant says: click on the tab to send it to the interactive tab window

Student tate says: oh wow!

Wolf says: Keep the fingering identical on every part of the riff except the first note of each bar

Student tate says: I didn't know it did that!

Student tate says: cool and you can see it played on the neck too

Student stratman says: mine won't do that

Wolf says: Keep trying

Student tate says: it's tough

Wolf says: Slowly first, always

Assistant says: you can also highlight the section you want to practice with the mouse

Student tate says: whoa, very cool

Student tate says: that makes it easier to play

Student axeboy says: no kidding, I could never figure this out before

Student axeboy says: this makes it easy to figure out!

Wolf says: It's the visual aspect of

Student axeboy says: thanks Wolf!

Wolf says: You all should try playing Sweet Child slowly

Wolf says: Pinky plays both notes on the high E

Student tate says: it's hard on my pinky

Wolf says: Takes practice.

Student tate says: what should I do to work on it?

Student axeboy says: no kidding this is tough to get down!

Wolf says: Repeat it to build up the motor skills

Student axeboy says: ouch, ouch ouch

Student axeboy says: I'm trying to stay up with the speed of the sound clip

Wolf says: Careful...don't hurt yourself!

Student axeboy says: I like how it repeats

Student tate says: no kidding dude

Wolf says: Do you hear the intervals in the riff?

Student barry says: I like how the bass changes in the riff!

Student tate says: it messes with my fingerings

Wolf says: This next riff is very cool.

Wolf says: It's from one of the first rock songs to use an electric 12-string

Wolf says: It was recorded on a Rickenbacker

Student barry says: really, what model ricky?

Wolf says: A 360-12

Wolf says: It's called You Can't Do That

Wolf says: from the Beatles

Wolf says: Think of it as being based on a chord shape like a barre chord G

Wolf says: At the third position

Assistant says: the last wav I sent loops so you can practice the riff

Student tate says: the beatles are great

Student tate says: my parents listen to them all the time and I strated to borrowing the CD

Wolf says: They had some of the best riffs. The next is also a classic Beatles riff

Student axeboy says: no kidding!

Student barry says: I agree, I love the combinations of guitar tones, Ricky, Gretsch, Fender, etc

Wolf says: That last one was an example of a chord based riff.

Wolf says: And the guitar tones were great...the beginning of rock guitars well recorded

Wolf says: This one is a Beatles linear riff

Wolf says: It's Day Tripper. Which is like a moded blues line

Student axeboy says: these are easy to play!

Student tate says: no kidding, much easier than GnR

Student Steve says: would you explain "moded blues line"

Wolf says: Good...the idea is not tech here...but something memorable

Wolf says: Moded blues line means this single-note phrase could be used easily in a blues tune as the main riff

Wolf says: Moded means modified

Student Steve says: ok

Student barry says: yea, like a hot rod!

Wolf says: Exactly

Student mark says: Wolf, I tried finding one of your books at the local music store...are they sold there or just mail order?

Wolf says: Try the guitar center. Which book?

Student mark says: advanced concepts

Wolf says: You can order that at any decent store

Wolf says: If you have problems please e-mail me

Student mark says: okey dokey... :)

Assistant says: here's one location mark

Wolf says: The next riff is a cool rock riff which is really a moded blues thing---but not from guitar!

Student mark says: where is that teach?

Assistant says: I'm here

Wolf says: This one is borrowed from a blues vocal line and put on the guitar

Student Steve says: Panama

Wolf says: Book for chords. What style?

Student Steve says:

Student Jerry says: all styles

Wolf says: One of the best things you can do is learn chords from the Ted Greene books.

Student vidguy says: Rockabilly

Wolf says: Get Modern Chord progressions

Student Steve says: Beast of Burden

Student Jerry says: thanx

Assistant says: ah I'm back sorry guys

Student Jerry says: it's ok it's alright

Assistant says: here comes the Layla tab

Wolf says: Good to have you back

Student mark says: hi teach!

Assistant says: hey Mark

Student Jerry says: glitches suck

Assistant says: it happens with IE sometimes

Assistant says: did you guys get the tab yet?

Student Jerry says: not yet

Wolf says: Back to the TAB

Student Steve says: not me

Wolf says: We'll fire these right up

Wolf says: How do like that one?

Student dk says: my dad loves that song!

Wolf says: It's a good example of a minor pentatonic riff

Assistant says: I sent a looping file for you to practice

Wolf says: That was from my CD Riffs of the 70s

Student Steve says: what Albert King song was it from?

Wolf says: As the Years Go Passing By from Born Under Bad Sign album

Wolf says: That was the first vocal melody of the song

Student dk says: my dad loves clapton

Wolf says: He's pretty loveable

Student dk says: I really like EC unplugged!

Wolf says: Yeah, that has a different side of Layla

Student dk says: I know how to play that song

Wolf says: If you like the songs on Unplugged get my CD-book that matches the album

Student dk says: cool where?

Student mark says: Wolf you said Guitar Center?

Wolf says: Any good music store. Its a signature licks book-CD

Wolf says: Guitar Center, Sam Ash,

Wolf says: Here's the URL

Assistant says: Wolf I sent the url on your EC book

Student dk says: wow, thai is so cool you guys, I never seen this done anywhere on the Internet

Student dk says: I wish my dad was here!

Wolf says: The next riff is an alltime killer chord riff

Wolf says: From the Stones that roll

Wolf says: It's a typical Keef thing

Student dk says: wow that looks easy to play

Wolf says: Be sure to tune to open G

Student dk says: hey it doesnt sound very good on my guitar?

Student dk says: what's that?

Wolf says: Tune your high E down to D, your A to G

Wolf says: That's the secret: alternate tuning

Student dk says: I,ve never done that before

Student tate says: this is cool to jam too

Wolf says: There's a first time for everything

Wolf says: It has a great groove

Student dk says: I'm up for that

Wolf says: From my Rolling stones signature licks CD-book

Student tate says: Wolf did you play these?

Wolf says: Actually dk, you're down for that

Wolf says: Yes I plyed them all

Student tate says: very cool

Wolf says: It was a lot of fun

Student vidguy says: going back to layla.. there is a little riff in the background there..

Wolf says: There are sveral guitars on there

Student vidguy says: A kinda 9th fret 7th fret thing going downward..

Student vidguy says: what is that Wolf?

Student vidguy says: I'm hung on Layla.. It sounds so nice...

Student mark says: well guys...take care...thanks much for the lesson Michael and Wolf!

Assistant says: It's good seeing you mark

Student vidguy says: cya Mark!

Wolf says: The chords D5-C5-Bb5

Wolf says: Bye!

Student Jerry says: later

Student mark says: I'll look for your book! Guitar Center is about 50 miles south of me in SF. It'l be a nice

Wolf says: Then you interpolate the open 5th string with those power chords

Wolf says: Happy hunting lol

Wolf says: Two more riffs

Student vidguy says: Thanks, I will fool with that..

Student dk says: cool

Student dk says: i was just playing

Student tate says: me too

Wolf says: The last two are hard rock riffs of very different characters

Student vidguy says: Oh yeah the Keef thing Is right up my alley. I like that a buch!

Student dk says: cool!

Student vidguy says: buch= bunch

Wolf says: Cool

Student tate says: dude!

Wolf says: That was an example of a minor mode riff with a pedal tone

Student tate says: randy rocks!

Wolf says: It has a semi-classical sound

Wolf says: He wrote some excellent hard rock riffs

Student dk says: I hear ya, the 80s guitar players rock!

Student Jerry says: my first guitar hero

Wolf says: The constant F# is the pedal tone

Wolf says: Rhoads was a fine musician

Student dk says: this is pretty easy

Wolf says: Good, it should be accessible

Wolf says: Our last riff is another hard rock riff with a funk feel

Student tate says: I like it when you use your little finger

Wolf says: The pinky is important in that riff.

Student dk says: cool aerosmith!

Wolf says: Notice the chromatics in that riff and the funk rhythm feel

Student tate says: my dad has that cd

Wolf says: It's really a driving riff

Wolf says: There's so much you can do with that simple E shape

Wolf says: You guys should practice making up your own riffs based on these few in this lesson

Student dk says: very cool

Student tate says: yea, Wolf I like it!

Wolf says: Pick a style you like

Wolf says: and write your own

Student dk says: how about blues?

Student dk says: like Kenny Wayne

Wolf says: We covered chord types, intervals, sclar...

Wolf says: Blues riffs?

Student vidguy says: All down strokes on the 0-1-2 on the A string or alternating?

Student dk says: oh yea

Wolf says: Alternating

Student vidguy says: thanks

Wolf says: That would be tiring!!!

Student Steve says: I was hammering 1-2, that's not right?

Wolf says: All picked

Student dk says: very cool

Student dk says: I learned a lot tonight

Student Jerry says: maybe somtime we can do a time signature change style like dream theatre

Student dk says: I never had lessons before

Wolf says: I hope you practice and keep inspired

Student Jerry says: not specifically them just that style

Wolf says: Dream Theatre would be great

Student tate says: I sure am, I have to tell all my friends about this!

Wolf says: Pregressive Rock?

Student dk says: who are they?

Wolf says: It's a style: Dream Theatre, Yes, Kansas, etc

Student Jerry says: newer group monster players

Wolf says: Like...?

Student Jerry says: yeah kansas

Student dk says: oh

Wolf says: Any closing comments or questions?

Student dk says: do they do Dust in the wind?

Wolf says: Yes

Student dk says: not me I loved this

Student Jerry says: anything sort of funk metal type thing

Wolf says: Thanks

Student dk says: I like how you can practice to the files

Wolf says: It;s a great tool

Student Jerry says: thanx for giving up some of your time again

Student tate says: yea, Wolf thank you so much

Wolf says: Sure

Student tate says: your the best!

Wolf says: See you all very soon. Jimmy Bruno's coming next

Student dk says: yea my friends are gonning to love this

Student dk says: who's he?

Wolf says: Good..tell 'em all

Assistant says: thanks Wolf!

Wolf says: Jimmy is the greatest living jazz guitarist

Student dk says: cool!

Wolf says: He's got so much technique it's unbelievable

Student dk says: thank you Wolf!

Student tate says: yea thanks for being here

Wolf says: Thanks to all of you. see you next time.

Student Jerry says: later Mr. marshall

Assistant says: bye all!

Assistant says: thanks again Wolf!

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