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FrankG: Guys I'm a novice at this 'chat' stuff so if I miss a question or two go easy on me!!!

FrankG: (this is Tanya typing by the way!!)

hodah: will this be an electric or acoustic lesson:?

sdame: Hi Frank, Mr. Midiaxe here!

Earl: helloooo tanya

FrankG: I'm nosure that this is a lesson - more a live chat

Steve: Frank has a personal assitant typing?

Jim_D: This is just like Frank's message board

Jim_D: It's his wife

MB: Frank, I saw you live in Modesto, CA several years ago...

umut: why did ibz drop that masterpiece?

FrankG: his wife - but him is right here - and he wants to know if anyone has any specific questions ( hi Steve by the way!!)

MB: Great show!

Chris: yeah I dont think its a lesson..I missed the lesson on monday

smoke: hey Frank do you know a Turkish guy who was a student in GIT?

Steve: Hi Frank's Wife...

MrScary: Ok Frank,if you don't did you hook up with Steve Vai?

Phil: Hi Frank! Mike Lipe built my guitar. Saw you at the Bake Potato

FrankG: My next guitar from Yamaha will be even better!

Josh: is this a lesson?

Moderator: This is a celebrity event

pinoyjoe: i hope i can afford the new yamaha guitar

FrankG: I met Vai at a Joe Satriani concert and it went fromthere

voodostratkid: well are we going to learn guitar tonight

MiKeedge: how much is the new yamaha guitar

FrankG: We'll get to the lesson soon

Skedman: I met Steve at a G3 concert in Pgh.

Josh: frank what's your favorite place to play?

guitarman: wow i love vai and satraini they aree amazing

FrankG: There is a transcription of Major Fascination from my new album with tablature

RsRoX: Frank... I have a question regarding your approach to improv.

Earl: Frank, what are your favorite modes to jam in.

Support: FrankG is our guest teacher today

Hank_Garland: thank you Frank for being here tonight

Chris: we're eager Frank...sorry

Steve: Frank is hiding under the


voodostratkid: hey support is that really hank garland here

FrankG: right - what was that improv question??

Earl: wha mode is your favorite

Support: Yes, Hank graciously joins our lessons frequently

Josh: If you have a transcription and need some parts filled in, what are some good sites?

calvin: Frank how do get your great sustain sound

Jim_D: Two legends!!!

FrankG: Hello Hank

Hank_Garland: hello Frank..I have been waiting for this event

FrankG: yes please - one question before my husband spontaneously combusts

Jim_D: Franl, don't forget to tell everyone about your website and all the great learning materials you have to offer!

Earl: how fast can Tanya type?

FrankG: not as fast as these questons

FrankG: OK.. I'll talk breifly about improv..

FrankG: The controversy over a lot of notes versus few notes.

FrankG: I was just reading an interview with Walter Becker in the latest Guitar Player

Moderator: here's an audio file from MAJOR FASCINATION

FrankG: He made some comments about preferring few notes rather than 'spewing out' lots of notes.. but my approachis..

FrankG: is.. like the Amadeus movie - where Mozart was questioned by the King why did you use so many notes? And that some should be left out.

Moderator: Frank what guitarist inspired you?

FrankG: Mozart's response was ' There were neither too many or too few. It was the right number of notes'

FrankG: hmm that's a difficult one.... I'll list them in chronological order..

FrankG: Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton, Michael Bloomfield..

FrankG: John McLaughlin

FrankG: Bill Conners, Al DiMiola, Tommy Bolin etc..

Moderator: what jazz bands?

FrankG: Steely Dan was a big favourite although Zappa and Chick Corea and Jean Luc Ponty were big influences

Order Steely Dan at CD Now

FrankG: ah now that was one of my fav albums ever!

Order Steely Dan at CD Now

FrankG: I LOVE songs like pearl of the Quarter

FrankG: the harmonies are beautiful

Moderator: weren't you inspired by the Becker Brothers?

FrankG: ah - now you're talking!!

FrankG: oh absolutely - sorry forgot them during the meltdown! Straphanging album and Des tantes = brilliant stuff

Moderator: can you tell us a little about your albums

FrankG: COMING TO YOUR SENSES has been out for a couple of weeks now...


FrankG: I just finished another trio album with Stu Hamm and Steve Smith which wil be out later this year...

FrankG: I've also got a double live cd of my own trio coming out on my own Wombat records coming out towards the Autumn

FrankG: and....!!

FrankG: two more Vital Information cds - one studio and one double live - and the duet album with Maurizio Colonna is coming out soon too - so as you can see - I've just been doing the odd bit of recording here and there!!

FrankG: yes M

Hank_Garland: do you own your own record label?

FrankG: yes I do

MrScary: Hey Frank,I just wanted to say I really enjoy your music,and your instructional vids have been a huge help.

FrankG: I did it quite recently because after recording 8 albums both record companies went out of the record biz!

Frank Gambale Product & Order Page

FrankG: thanks MrScary!

Ian: Frank. What maskes Fusion different.

FrankG: hmmm.... I just like it coz it's a combination of rock and jazz - the energy of rock and the intellegence of jazz

smoke: here is my question: What kind of exercises (or theory?) are needed to be a good improvisor?

FrankG: scuse my spelling - don't have time to be precise here - T !)

EricC: Hi Frank-any chance you will make it out to the Santa Cruz/Monterey area this year?

FrankG: information is power, smoke, weather you want to be a lawyer or a musician

TomK: How do you progress in your substitution thoughts. Do you subscribe to any particular harmonization methods ?

FrankG: Justy been there Eric - where were you???

AntigonesDesire: frank, ive been playing for about 14 years now and ive sort of reached a plateau... can you give me some advice on how i might could improve my speed and combine my scales so my chops might sound more natural? id love any advice you could give me regarding general practice :)

EricC: Also-caught the Steely Dan PBS special last night-awesome? Do you know who was playing with them?

EricC: Sorry Frank-where'd you play? Must not be payin' attention

EricC: :)

FrankG: anton - find a really good teacher or start transcribing and learning solos off your fav records - that is the best school there is!

Adam: what can I do to break out of my little "box?? I'm always stuck with the same sound to solos!!


FrankG: have fun with it Bill - have fun with the notes

Jim_D: Is your speed picking book the same concept of the Monstor Licks Video that I bought? By the way I love your teaching methods

FrankG: make it like a game to find all the combinations and possibilieties

Adam: they're always between the 5 and 7 frets

Moderator: Frank can you tell us about your work with Chick Corea?

calvin: How do you get your clean sustain sound

FrankG: Jim - they are diff because one is more 'licks' and the video is more of the technique itself

FrankG: I worked with Chick for 8 years and...

Jim_D: I guess I'll get that one too!

FrankG: wewon a grammy and several nominations and got to play all over the world - it was a great experience

Moderator: Didn't you win a Grammy with Chick?

guitarman: frank, i love your style for a beggining player what theory should a person well understand before diving in deeper

Chick Corea @

Josh: Frank, when you make a transcription and you need a part filled in (which i'm sure rarely happens) what sites do you use

Earl: what do you do to break out of your plateaus

FrankG: I don't usually do much for beginners - I'm not for the feint hearted!

MrScary: Frank,what's Ibanez' problem?If you don't wanna talk about it,that's cool.....

FrankG: and no - no plans to record with Allan at the moment

FrankG: my modes video is a good place to start with learning modes!

FrankG: OK the Ibanez thing...

FrankG: they did things that I considered very unethical and we settled out differences in a way that was very advantageous to me

FrankG: I am much happier at yamaha

Moderator: Frank can you tell us about your new guitar

FrankG: new guitar....

johnie: thanks 4 that mode video when i got done studyin it for the cazillinth time i laughed and learned thanx

MB: Frank, when you improvise, do you focus on scales or arpegios?

FrankG: it's going to be a little like a les Paul jnr for the New millienium!

Yamaha Guitar Site

pinoyjoe: how do u superimpose the 5th mode of the melodic minor over a 7#9 chord?

FrankG: I don't think when I solo - I make a clear distinction beyttween practicing and performing

FrankG: I don't use the 5th mode - it's the 7th mode!

FrankG: It's called super locrain and it's a wonderfully melodic scale for altered chords

pinoyjoe: any secret recording with vai since ur both in flavored nations?

FrankG: ok - who noticed the bent frets on the new guitar in the pic??

FrankG: It's a new tuning system which will change the world

FrankG: well as far as guitar tuning goes!

rgp: can you explain?

MB: What's with it?

LC: How does it work

FrankG: the first 2 frets compensate for the whole guitar in that they affect the tuning across the board

FrankG: OK - ..

RsRoX: ok, when improvising do you use a methodical approach (i.e. changing note values, or approach notes) or do you just feel you're way though it?

FrankG: when they devised the 12 fret system it was a comprmise...

FrankG: the interval that suffered the most was the 3rd

FrankG: which is always sharp

pinoyjoe: what is the new frets size compared to regular frets? are they like jimdunlop jumbo frets?

Leeps: have you ever tried the sustainer system in fernandes guitars

FrankG: most of the 3rds that we deal with are on the G asnd B strings and that's where the compendation is most prevalent

FrankG: It's not a100% better but is a giant leap forward

FrankG: no, leeps

voodostratkid: are we going to learn any licks tonight

FrankG: the frets will be in all sizes

ScottyG: Hows the bent fret guitar tuned?

Leeps: you should check it out.. incredible

FrankG: well you may learn a melody

FrankG: Scotty - it's tuned toan open E chord

FrankG: this is a very precise thing that has b een worked on very very closely for a long time

RsRoX: when improving... method (approach notes, note values) or feel?

FrankG: eh?

FrankG: always feel

pinoyjoe: any plans for a new transcription books in the future?

Adrian: Hi mrG! any tips for ear trainig to learn how to understand immediatly when there's a chord change?

RsRoX: have you read anything by Arnie Berle?

FrankG: yes definately


FrankG: never met Zappa but I live nearl his old house!

pinoyjoe: did u release any recordings using a 7-string guitar?

RsRoX: Do you approach improv from a jazz (schooled) perspective, or rock.. just feelingyour wayt hrough

FrankG: " 7 strings are a painin the arse'

Leeps: the house where they found the hendrix strat neck under the garage stairs?

FrankG: def an informed school approach

RsRoX: While playing? or while practincing?

pinoyjoe: i thought u owned an ibanez 7 string sabre? didn u like it?

FrankG: I do own one but I never play it

Adrian: mrG...any tips for ear training to recognize chord changes?

FrankG: Cant even strum an E chord on it!!

FrankG: transcribe steely Dan songs adrian

FrankG: anybody heard this tune yet?

Jim_D: Frank you're sitting in the classroom of the future..any chane LAMA could provide instruction for guys like myself who are in their 30s married and kids...

FrankG: This is the melody from Major Fascination

FrankG: yes Jim - eventually

FrankG: This song was kind of an improvisation

FrankG: based on the major scale

FrankG: I love the sound of a B flat 7 over E flat

FrankG: and that is the basis of the sound of this song - very suspended

Jim_D: Isn't your sweep method almost economy style?

FrankG: dunno how

FrankG: thanks Jim

Adam: Still kinda curious about my "writers block".....

FrankG: you are only limited by yourimagination

Jim_D: Or is is becasue your method has a strcit structure?

Adam: I cant seem to break out of one pattern

dgstealth: Sorry to go backward, but how would you compare the new tuning systen to the Buzz Feiten system

FrankG: I imporvise my sweeps

Jim_D: I'm refering to you Monstor Vid..

FrankG: stealth - it's easier to see - you can't really tell Buzz system is on a guitar - thiere is no doublt with outr one!

Jim_D: I was refering to Monstor Vid where you teach a diferent picking style to alternate....

Ian: What right hand techniques do you use?

Jim_D: Do you call that sweeping?

FrankG: Jim - that's my claim to fame - sweeping!

Josh: when you improvise, do you find yourself repeating things often?

johnie: i thought even numbers when you turn around was a fantastic revelation thanx

FrankG: Josh I try not to but that';s kind of what makes a style

Claudio: About eq,what do you think about JMP1?

Ernie: how do you appoach sweeping

FrankG: thanks Hank - it's a bit crzy ut fun!! Good for the adrenalin!

FrankG: I love the JMP 1

FrankG: Been doing it so long Ernie I don't think about it anymore

FrankG: cool way to play

FrankG: it helps you get b eyone the physical barrier of the guitar

pinoyjoe: frank u told us that u will be releasing a live preformance video.. to discourage bootlegers.. any release dates on that?

FrankG: don't quote me!

FrankG: not a video Pino - a double cd

FrankG: 9we have a cat called Pino)

pinoyjoe: actually im wanted to be called pinoy.. another term for Filipino..... plans to go to the Philippines?

FrankG: no plans ap present - will be very busy in Europe these coming weeks

FrankG: will be in Italy, Germany, Sweeden. London shortly

MrScary: Frank,how in the world did you come up with the Chopbuilder workout,and are your students required to master it?

FrankG: and somewhere else in UK but not sure where yet

FrankG: lol mr Scary!! I got it from watching Jane Fonda's video!!

Sean: Hi frank it's great to be here talking to you

FrankG: yes my students are all required to master it before they can graduate lol!!!

MrScary: the girls are a nice distraction,by the way!

FrankG: tanya says 'girls?? there were girls in there???

pinoyjoe: who were the 2 guys in that chopbuilder vid?

FrankG: well I know what guitar students are like - we all need our distractions!

FrankG: they are 2 very good friends of mine - Art Renshaw and Dave Hill

Steve: Let's have a big round of applause for "Tanya"..Frank's Wife..and her wonderful typing skills!

Moderator: Frank what is your setup on stage now?

FrankG: tanya bows

killerwatt: this is nice to have someone to show me some new chops !!!

FrankG: JMP1, TC electronic G force, Stewart Pwer amp , Celestion Quad bocxes

FrankG: oh and my guitars

Marshall website

umut: Are you comin ny?

FrankG: don't know umut - keep an eye on my site!

TC Electronics website

umut: why does fusion skip ny bthe

umut: way

pinoyjoe: frank i own an older speed picking book... where is that strat now on the cover?

FrankG: runs in the family - he plays fast - I type fast!!!

Skedman: Can we purchase your vids and music there?

umut: we need more enlightenment in ny

MrScary: Frank,what do you think of all the new digital modeling equipment out there now?

FrankG: I play at the Bottom Line in NY often so check it out

Steve: Does Tanya play guitar?

FrankG: you can purchase all my products at the website ( except the new album)

D'Addario website

FrankG: Tanya used to play bass - sings etc now and then when begged


FrankG: should have been when begged not to

Adam: this is my first time here, i'm enjoying it

FrankG: it's my firt time too

Adrian: what do setup u use to get your overdrive?

FrankG: pre amp - JMP 1 no secrets

Adrian: thanx

Skedman: DId you ever just go off into some weird TV show themesong dreamland while you were playing with Stu?

FrankG: nose wet

FrankG: no

umut: does all lama teach 3 notes/string?

Skedman: Ive seen it!

Sean: do you play arch top guitars somtimes?

FrankG: not only that umut

Josh: What things most inspire you to write a song

Earl: What do you like to listen to outside of guitar to get ideas? (instrument)

pinoyjoe: do u want to comment on yngwie & the neo-classical playing? its cool if u dont want too..

FrankG: writin is a labour of love

Drew: What pickups in the Yamaha

Adrian: Hey! would u consider coming to the Jazzfest in Malta..there have been some great musicians over here.It would be great to have u

EricC: Hello again Frank-ever do any projects w/ Steve Morse? Plan to?

FrankG: I'd love to go to Malta - if the chance cos Im ther

FrankG: Yngvie who?

Josh: what kind of guitar would you recomend for advanced blues/rock?

Sean: Malmsteen

EricC: Also, where can we see the new Sig model?

FrankG: Josh - the new Yamaha FG model would be perfect!

Adrian: have u ever tried a steinberger....if yes,do u recommendit?

FrankG: released at the summer NAMM in Nashville

FrankG: those guitars aren't finished

umut: do you guys also teach basic keys at lama?

FrankG: sometims umut

Barry: what album do you feel most represents your work as a player/writer?

guitreal: have you played with the likes of Dann Huff, B. Mason?

FrankG: Barry - there are 2..

FrankG: thinking out loud and my new one COMINGTO YOUR SENSES

Skedman: What advice could you give a musician who has a ton of songs, no band (drum machine), and very limited funds?

FrankG: never played with Dan - he's a good player though

Adrian: Ireally liked your book improvisation made esy...what other books do u recommend for improv?

rgp: you mentioned steely dan b4, ever play with Jeff Baxter?

Earl: What guitarist today are you in awe of.

Josh: what styles of music most interest you

pinoyjoe: frank are u a vegetarian? (i ran out of questions at the moment)

FrankG: adrain try thmy technique books

FrankG: RGP - one time in Synday

FrankG: no I'm not - but she is

FrankG: (pooints to wife)

Jim_D: What guage strings do you use? ...high or low action? thx!

Josh: sorry about the fingers!

FrankG: 9-42 stanless steel

Earl: Is it true that your a big Men at Work fan?

FrankG: and 11 to 50 something flats on the jazz guitars

MB: Frank you should buy my typing video...

pinoyjoe: im the one who bought your sampler cd.. i might say its cool... i made up a bunch of songs from it...

FrankG: yes but I'm not that big!

Josh: what style of music most interests you

FrankG: lol MB!

FrankG: good for you Pino

johnie: iam convinced that your teaching skills are just what everyone needs in their learning experience

FrankG: couldn't agree more johnie

guitreal: Frank, is it cool to be a guitar god?

FrankG: er - Frank has an interview with a Japanese magazine in a short while

FrankG: I'd s tay but I don't think I can answer your qeustions!!!

Moderator: also to Favored Nations - Steve Vai, Ray Sherr, Duncan Plexico

Steve: Tanya?..Can you stay?

johnie: its really fun to watch you handle STUFF with a smile on your face thanx loads

FrankG: I can stay if you want to know anything about vetinary medicine???

Josh: back at the beg. if interview, what page of the new guitar player were you talking about?

Skedman: My cat has these black patches under her chin

FrankG: Frank says.. thanks a lot folks and see you out there in the real world sometime

BillT: How many kittens does it take to play a Chick Corea lick?

FrankG: lol sked - T

Steve: Uh ..yes Tanya..My Yellow Lab is 14...what kind of dog food should I be feeding him?

FrankG: T - HELLPP!!! Ok we must go now - thaks ev eryone - sorry about the typos an all!!

FrankG: Life is Good - wish you were here ;-)))))

Tonehound: Thanks! It was GREAT!!!

FrankG: Byeeeeeeeee

Earl: very cool

Favored Nations Website
Frank Gambale Website

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