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T-Bone Walker Bio


Aaron Thibeaux "T-Bone" Walker.  
Born: May 28, 1910, in Linden, Texas.    Died: March 16, 1975, in Los Angeles, California.

Guitar: (All Gibsons) ES-250 (1930s-1950s), ES-5 (1950s-1970s), ES-335 (early 1970s). T-Bone occasionally used a Gibson Barney Kessell model in the 1960s-1970s.  

Amp: Fender tweed 4x10 Bassman. In the late 30s and early 40s, T-Bone is reputed to have plugged into a Gibson EH-150.  

Classic cuts: "T-Bone Shuffle," "Call It Stormy Monday."  

Best bet albums:  The Complete Black and White Recordings  
(Capitol 7243 8 29379 2),  
The Complete Imperial Recordings, 1950-1954  
(EMI/Capitol 7-96737-2).

What others say:

"When I heard T-Bone Walker play the electric guitar I had to have one. He had a touch that nobody has been able to duplicate."--B.B. King

"All the things people see me do on the stage I got from T-Bone Walker." --Chuck Berry

"When T-Bone Walker came, I was into that. That was the sound I was looking for." --Albert King

"No one else can touch T-Bone in the blues on guitar."--Jimmy Witherspoon

"He was the first man that made the electric guitar popular."--John Lee Hooker

Guitar Lessons T-Bone Walker guitar lesson

T-Bone Walker with Gibson ES 250

             The T-Bone Walker Sound

T-Bone Walker, "T-Bone Suffle"
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