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Wolf with ES335

Wolf Marshall: Here are a few of my favorite blues axes. In the front line are a Gibson ES-335 dot neck and a vintage Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer overdrive stomp box. Just behind is a 1967 Fender Super-Reverb amp with 4 10-inch speakers. Behind is a Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster and a Fender '65 Twin-Reverb amp with 2 12-inch speakers. Those are the two flavors of tone in basic blues.

Wolf's fave blues axes

Dan: what year is the ES335?

Wolf Marshall: It's a new one but really sounds and feels good. I'm breaking it in.

ginnym: Wolf, what's the pedal? is that a pedal?

Wolf's TS-808


Wolf Marshall: This is old however. The TS-808!!! Sked, The 808 was before the TS-9, it's warmer. Here's our first lick It's a turnaround lick. These were made popular by the great Freddy King.

  Wolf Marshall: The rake takes practice. Be loose and smooth.

ginnym: if I finger it first, it's easier.

Wolf Marshall: Gin, that's right. The lick is played with pick and fingers.

guitar: wolf, what are some good exercises for developing a good rake technique?

Wolf Marshall: play it like a chord. Then speed it up and roll your fingers as you strum.

ginnym: Pick and finger feels the most natural, for me anyway.

Wolf Marshall: It's a useful technique, Gin. I'm sending out a picture of the pick and finger technique.

Pick and finger technique

Tom: what kind of pick do you use Wolf?

Wolf Marshall: Tom, an extra heavy.

ginnym: Why is that Wolf. Are your stings heavy too?

Wolf Marshall: My strings vary with different guitars. Heavy to medium and light (.10s). I believe you can get more shades with a heavier pick. You can always pick lighter with a heavy pick... but the reverse won't be right. One exception---MAJOR EXCEPTION: nothing sounds like a light pick for strumming acoustic. Here comes another lick. Get ready for a little something different.

Wolf Marshall: That lick is like a combo of SRV, Lonnie Mack, and Huber Sumlin. That last lick is an example of the first position open-string approach. Kind of a cross between swamp Delta and Hendrix. As you can see, that last lick used pick-and-finger technique again. It's handy.

Rick: The first bar of that second lick sounds a little like SRV's "Scuttle Buttin'"

Wolf Marshall: Rick, that's right--and Wham too

Tom: Missisippi John Hurt used to do that one

Wolf Marshall: Here comes another lick--this is a quantum leap to mid-1960s style a la Cream.

Wolf Marshall: A quick announcement__ Hank Garland is one of the artists featured on my next book-CD BEST OF JAZZ GUITAR. His track is a must-know in the jazz guitar world.

Wolf Marshall: Here comes another lick.

Wolf Marshall: This one has that Clapton vibe a al Cream and BluesBreakers. John Mayall had a lot to do with starting electric blues craze in 1960s. The British sound is Marshalls and Les Paul

JOEYC: that thick tone

Wolf Marshall: Joey, yes. That tone was Les Paul and Soldano SLO-100. Thanks, all. It's great to share the music of this instrument with you all.

guitar: Wolf, what do you suggest for dumb guys like us to get better at the guitar

Wolf Marshall: Practice and love the time with your instrument

Howie: practice, practice, practice

Wolf Marshall: It has to be a lifelong commitment. Keep learning new vocabulary. There is no free lunch. Find your voice in the tradition. A player like Hank Garland is proof. That's where the love is.

Hank_Garland: Thank you Wolf.. I worked very hard!

Wolf Marshall: I can tell, Hank. By playing your music with my hands I felt the connection.

Hank_Garland: I wanted to be the best and I took care of my family back home too, which I was honored to do

Wolf Marshall: Hank, was Charlie Christian a favorite?

Hank_Garland: yes, very much so

Jed: that last jam track seemed really too fast

Wolf Marshall: Jed, it's like wild Cream. Lay the lick into the groove after practice.

Howie: Jed, break it down into small sections then try it slow

Wolf Marshall: Good advice. That was HR's way of learning. OK, my best to all. This is Wolf signing off. Stay inspired.

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