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British Blues Rock - Monday - Week 2

First Wave

Today's lick is a celebration of double stops. The strategy of using two-string riffs in rock guitar solos is a time-honored one; having been shared by players as diverse as George Harrison and John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, and Eddie Van Halen. It will undoubtedly be heard in the output of tomorrow's rock guitar icons. This phrase is typical of the rhythmic approach to rock improvisation. It is played in D, in the 10th position "blues box." There are two notable aspects in this lick. The first is a repeated D5 dyad (D and A are the dyad or two-note chord) played as a lead riff in the first bar. The second is a harmonized D Minor Pentatonic scale (D-F-G-A-C) in measures two and three also played as a repeated figure. Note the half-step string bends applied to this portion of the lick. This section is facilitated by the use of reinforced fingering when bending the two strings. Use the first, second and third fingers together to push the strings. This is not only a physical aid but lends an elastic quality to the performance of the phrase.

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Key: D

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