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Wolf Marshall

Wolf Marshall: Hi everyone, today's lesson is on the post Hendrix legacy. Hendrix was part of British blues scene. Here comes the first lick for tonight

Wolf Marshall: That first lick is in C m Pentatonic and uses the wah

  Ken: In the first lick I see your playing D on the E string is that a blue note added to the C Minor Pentatonic scale?

Wolf Marshall: Ken, that's the 9th note. The 9th , D in this case, is a great addition to pentatonic

AScriabin: I must agree - that D really stands out in that lick.

Allen: I just played the lick to the loop. Fun!

Wolf Marshall: Allen, that's the funky Trower groove, In that last lick it was Blackmore, Trower and Gilmour combined FYI

Dan: David Gilmour?

Wolf Marshall: Dan, yes. Here's the second lick

Wolf Marshall: Anyway, this next one is another example of the Jimi legacy--in the final era of British blues rock. It's an expansion of Cm pent--note B and that weird slur F to E flat. It's based on a Trower/ Hendrix lick. Can you hear the Wah and Univibe on that one? That was the beginning of British blues evolving into modern hard rock

Barry: Did Trower use the Univibe on most his music?

Wolf Marshall: Barry, he did quite a bit.

Tom: What is a univibe?

Wolf Marshall: Tom, it's a device like a phaser or flanger. It's a box with a pedal and simulates Leslie sounds but spacier

ginnym: Okay, thank you. I have a phaser. Love that whoosh, Leslie sound.

Wolf Marshall: Another cool point about this lick is the moving in and out of blues box position

Wolf Marshall: Tom, it works well with timed hand vibrato

ginnym: would you call it unconventional? The playing out of the box, i mean.

Wolf Marshall: Gin, yes --especially for blues and basic rock. I think it's the beginning of hard rock and metal---post Hendrix players

Ken: Is that a mode or just blue notes added to the C Minor Pent.

Wolf Marshall: Ken, there's actually no blues note. What's unusual is the B natural. Here comes the next lick!

Wolf Marshall: These three licks are all played over that slow mean shuffle groove, I mean the groove is that Too Rolling Stoned thing. That was a real interesting marriage of blues and hard rock--Too Rolling Stoned.  You hear some frantic blues doublestops on that one. It's a combo of Trower and Blackmore--I think of the Hendrix legacy with all of this. Anyway, this lick has blues a la demented Killing Floor with metal run. This lick has more Univibe and wah set in different position. All these licks have the famous stuck Wah

Dan: what do you mean by stuck wah?

Wolf Marshall: Dan, you leave the wah as a filter boost. it was used by Hendrix, Schenker, Rhoads---- Filter's out some frequencies, boosts others.

Allen: I love the way lick 3 slides up to 15.

Wolf Marshall: Allen, that's a blues touch

Allen: It's the timin' of the whole thing. The placement of it.

Wolf Marshall: Everyone has to know that one--even Van Halen used it --in Ice Cream Man, Allen, yeah the timing. Remember it's over a slow groove. All these licks are played with Univibe in different settings

Barry:  Wolf, you mentioned the use of B nat. on the Trower lick. Did he have some set notes outside the blues scale to make his sound different?

Wolf Marshall: Barry, the B natural is used as a leading tone---that's unusual. He used the D note too--in a different way than Santana. Remember those added notes must be used with MELODIC DISCRETION

Allen: Because, it seems that the first part of lick 3 lends itself to the fingers.

Wolf Marshall: Try it, Allen--you might be on to something new, You can't miss the Jimi in this one.

Allen: It seems kinda staccato-ish. Lick 3 I mean.

BluesMatt: bluesy yet melodic and not too fast

Wolf Marshall: Notice: the blues slurs, the F-to E flat, and chordal type of approach

Allen: It makes me kinda think of Stevie.

Wolf Marshall: Allen, Stevie used one--on Couldn't Stand Weather

BluesMatt: sounds very Hendrix to me

Wolf Marshall: That's what we've been looking at, BluesMatt, Here comes the next lick!

Wolf Marshall: Yeah, the time has come to a close. It's been great being with you tonight

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