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Wolf Marshall

Wolf Marshall: We're going to talk dirty---dirty tones that is. Guess which distortion unit he used.

ginnym: fuzz buster

JOEYC: fuzz-face?

Wolf Marshall: It was a Rockman... DI, DI is direct into board. They are a classic distortion tone nowadays.

Marko: Isn't a Rockman considered kind of a toy?

Wolf Marshall: Nope--that's how he claims to have recorded it---and that's how I reproduced it.

Rockman X100 and Sustainor

Wolf Marshall: Here's a shot of two Rockman units. The Rockman was created because...???? Any guesses?

Skedman: Boston

JOEYC: so Tom Scholz could retire!!!!

Wolf Marshall: LOL, Joey, It was created to emulate his Chorused Marshall stacks. Now it's a vintage sound

JOEYC: so he could record DI and get a great tone

Marko: I didn't know he had such skills

Wolf Marshall: Mark--he was a graduate of MIT

John: Did he make most of his effects for boston?

Wolf Marshall: John, yes. Here comes the first lick---played with my fave distortion unit.

Wolf Marshall: This first lick is a classic blues setup... That would be like an E Blues Scale, I played it in E so you play along---otherwise the E flat tuning would have made you tune down. The unit is the Tube Screamer

Tube Screamer, HM and BD

mitchell: I thought the blues driver and tube screamer do the same basic thing

Wolf Marshall: The TS-808 is in a class by itself---the Blues Driver is close. The common thread is that they are designed to sound like tube amps overdriven. It drives the amp pretty hard... My fave distortion is the TS-808 into either a Fender or Marshall

ginnym: Wolf, do you play those muted strings w/ the palm of your R hand or w/ your left? Octave Fuzz, is that what Hendrix used?

Wolf Marshall: Gin, with left hand muting, Jimi--had all sorts of toys. This one is a reissue of his octavia plus fuzz

Yardbox, Fuzz Face and Dist Plus

Face Lift and Octave Fuzz

Zoom 9002

JOEYC: the Zoom is a muti-FX box

Wolf Marshall: The Zoom was the first distortion and multi-effects to mount on a strap, Scott. It had it's own sound. Here comes something entirely different. Next Lick!

Wolf Marshall: Here's a video for a peek

  MetalMethod: Now we're talking, shredin' on VH

Wolf Marshall: That's a completely different distortion unit---any guesses?

scott: variac


Wolf Marshall: Scott, you win... This unit allows me to make the Marshall head into a big distortion unit

John: I though a variac was a marshall with a pot in the back of it?

Wolf Marshall: John, the Variac allows you to change voltage to the amp. This one is running at 95 instead of 120 volts

Tom: is that good for the amp?

Wolf Marshall: But be very VERY, VERY careful if you ever use one

John: Wolf, why is that?

Wolf Marshall: Don't ever touch Variac and amp at same time--you can get electrocuted!!!!! But it makes a loud non-master volume Marshall get that Brown sound. Here's a couple of rack distortion units. One has a real tube---The Tube Driver--a al Eric Johnson

Rack distortions

Tube Driver and Overlord

John: Are racks better that floor models or just more features?

Wolf Marshall: More features, better headroom, more programmability

bluesurf: rack effects are good as long as they're reachable via stomp/a-b pedal.

Wolf Marshall: You can get more signal to noise,  I used their harmonizer on tour for the Bach organ stuff

mitchell: What do you recommend to get that leslie sound?

Wolf Marshall: Mitch, a Leslie :)

ginnym: How do you run a Leslie anyway. I used to sell those w/ hammond organs :-)

Wolf Marshall: Mitch, try a Rotovibe or the tube models that have come out, Hendrix used them a bit---not as much as Univibe

JOEYC: the best Leslie sound is on "She's so Heavy" by the Beatles

Wolf Marshall: That's one, Joey

ginnym: Leslie can move at different speeds too, give kind of a smooth whoosh to whirr sound. I saw a big one in back of Bonnie Raitt last show I saw her perform. You could actually see the thing turning.

JOEYC: or Cream's tune "Badge" played by L'angelo Mysterioso

Wolf Marshall: That's another classic, altho actually Clapton played that part, Joey. Here comes Lick 4. The next lick is a tapping lick a la VH

tiptoe2lups: is it true that a key transistor, chip, or electrical component has been discontinued, and analog pedals as we know them, won't be produced after inventory stocks are gone?

Wolf Marshall: I've heard that was true of the Germanium transistor

mitchell: How do I get early ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons tone?

Wolf Marshall: That has a lot of mids, but is Marshall-like, Mitch and use a humbucking pickup Les Paul. They used unusual amps called Rio Grande. Well, everyone...thanks for tuning in. Time to call it a night. It's been a blast.

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