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Instructor Wolf Marshall

Wolf Marshall: Welcome to the interactive lesson on chorus effects. The first lick is a Pat Metheny line to demo his type of chorused echo sound

Wolf Marshall: As you may know--Metheny's chorus sound is result of stereo echoes, I used a Lexicon PCM-41 ---like his and a Gibson ES175, of course

Wolf Marshall: This is a jazz line. The chorus-echo gives it a distinct edge

Lerxt: Yeah that sounds great. I have a Boss GT-3 processor so bring it on

Wolf Marshall: You put just a bit of chorus with the echo

ginnym: It gives it a very full, round, sound

jerry: man the last lick is a great challenge

Wolf Marshall: Jerry, it's a good intro to bebop style, work on it slowly

Wolf's vintage chorus

Wolf Marshall: Here's a pic of the first chorus unit, those are switches--two of them, that's the first official Chorus box, that was an original Boss Chorus CE. It was called the Chorus Ensemble, most these old effects boxes are museum pieces now--but interesting, the next lick Wolf is going to talk about Open G Tuning, here's the image:

Open G Tuning

Wolf Marshall: OK, everyone--let me give you the next lick

ginnym: You know, I have never used open tunings. But then I haven't been playing that long either.

Wolf Marshall: This is a great intro to open tuning---probably the most common. Here comes a jam track for you

JoeyC: but if you want "that " sound you've got to have "that" box

Wolf Marshall: It can be simulated with newer boxes---I n hoped to let you hear the original, the chorus is the common link between Keef and Metheny

Wolf's phasers

Wolf Marshall: Here are some phasers to check out

Jeff: Have you ever performed on stage with great players Wolf?

kevchar: you ever play with Vivian Campbell ...Wolf?

Wolf Marshall: I've gotten to jam with lots--including Viv who's great, that's a Chorus and Soldano--Telecaster. Here comes another lick for you

MikeE: is this going to be standard tuning or can i leave it in open g?

Wolf Marshall: This one has the Drop D sound, Standard tuning with 6th down to D and tons of flanger

Drop D Tuning

Wolf Marshall: This was the MXR Flanger

Wolf's flanger boxes

Mel: so what exactly is the difference between flanger and phaser?

Wolf Marshall: Mel, Flanger is time-based, phaser is tone changes shifting

MikeE: i'm glad i picked this multi-effects thing up the other month.. makes this even that much more fun trying to match effects and tones to the riffs.

Wolf Marshall: That's the idea--Mike, the low D gives it some real grunge

ginnym: Yeah, I like that. I'm surprised, i'm not much into grunge. I just try to keep it out of the refrigerator

Wolf Marshall: Gin, grunge in the classic sense It seems it started with Van Halen "Unchained" in hard rock of the early 1980s. They got it from Sabbath

ginnym: Makes sense, Sabbath that is.

Wolf Marshall: The low tuning metal style

ginnym: Sabbath was good, when I was younger. What can I say? Now my Son loves it.

Wolf Marshall: They are classic

MikeE: heh.. yeah i absolutely love sabbath.. i guess i would be that son.. they were more in my dad's time.. i'm 21 and i kind of regret not being able to have seen zeppelin or hendrix or even early van halen live.

Wolf Marshall: Incidentally --lots of palm muting in this lick

JoeyC: and the Yardbirds begat Zep and Zep begat Ozzy and Ozzy begat.....

Mel: Zep begat Ozzy? Sabbath came before Zep right?

Wolf Marshall: Zep first, Zep was called the New Yardbirds. Here comes another lick---something different

Wolf Marshall: That last lick was an Andy Summers style

Wolf's Uni-Vibe

Wolf Marshall: The big pic for tonite is the styles using chorus and flanging fx, quite a diverse group of styles, Jazz---rock--metal and pop

jerry: all based on effects

kevchar: is that a crybaby next to the univibe wolf?

Wolf Marshall: The last lick used chorus plus reverb, reverb from delay, not amp reverb, this one was from a Yamaha SPX. The last pic was of a UniVibe box and pedal combo. The UniVibe was used for chorus and Leslie effect

Gin: whooosh

JoeyC: classic Uni-Vibe sounds

Wolf Marshall: Think of Jimi and Trower and Gilmour, like Fat Old Sun or Dark Side of Moon tones

Gin: MONEY, but they don't use leslie in that song, do they?

Wolf Marshall: Gilmour used several effects including temolo, FuzzFace with 24-fret guitar, etc. In the studio he used ADT too

MikeE: adt?

Wolf Marshall: Automatic Double Tracking, invented for Beatles during Revolver, Pink Floyd recorded in Abbey Road---the Beatles-Floyd connection

Sked: The live at Pompeii video has more equipment than ten bands could use!

Wolf Marshall: Gilmour and Floyd really put them to good use

Lerxt: Wolf since were talking about EFX here whats your secret to determine what songs have what EFX on them? How we we get better at it? Picking guitar tones out of a whole barrash of other tones in a full bands song?

Wolf Marshall: You hve to get used to sounds of certain effects--it's ear training of a sorts, Lerxt. You break them down into obvious groups--echo--chorus/flange--wah, etc. It helps to get one and play with it too. Push the parameters--road test it

Gin: what was that effect that Peter Frampton used to speak with?

Wolf Marshall: Talk Box

Gin: and Joe Perry used one too, a lot, makes sense, doesn't it.

Wolf Marshall: I'll show you a pic next time Good bye all

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