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► Beginning Guitar IV - Bar Chords Lyle Ronglien Lesson Archives
Even though chord names like Dominant 7 and Major 7 sound like they could be complicated to learn and play, they're not. In fact they can be just as simple to learn and play as the first basic major and minor chords you may have already learned. In these lessons you'll first learn the simple open position Dominant 7 chords to help you get a Blues sound on your guitar. Then you'll be learning the open position Major 7 chords, which are used in ballads and can have a Jazz sound to them. Finally, learn the most used chords in the Rock guitar style, the Power Chords! You will also learn to play a song in three different keys using some of these simple chords. All the lesson examples in this series were designed for the beginner, with easy-to-understand notation, pictures, videos, and straightforward timing and rhythm examples.
E Position Bar Chords
A Position Bar Chords
D Position Bar Chords
Bar Chords Study
C & G Position Bar Chords
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