Try the *free* Riff Interactive software for giving your online music lessons. This software is designed specifically for private, online music lessons (piano, guitar or bass), with advanced features not available in Skype or Zoom. Easy to use. No special software for the student to install - just go to a web page and connect.

Benefits of RiffTeacher software over Skype or Zoom

- low-latency, direct 2-way audio/video communication
- virtual instrument shows live notes from your midi device
- optional cloud recording of lessons, including notes
- easy annotation of text and links into the lesson
- local and remote metronome controlled by the teacher
- play audio clips locally and remotely
- automatic chord identification
- show the named notes and intervals

Teacher Requirements:

- Webcam, Speakers and Microphone
- Fast internet connection
- Midi instrument (midi keyboard or guitar with hex midi pickup)

Student Requirements:

- Webcam, Speakers and Microphone
- Fast internet connection

Download RiffTeacher  terms

screen capture - guitar

Quick Start Guide:

  • Select audio, video, midi device and instrument with "Settings" button.
  • Test your microphone and headphones. You may want to mix your microphone into your instrument and computer sounds prior to the audio input of your computer.
  • Select "Invite" and send the link to your student to connect. Available students will show up in the 'waiting' room. Click the button when they show up to allow them to join.

Midi Guitar Tips:

Your midi guitar should have a setting to output on 6 channels (or 4 for bass guitar) for each string. This is usually called the 'Mono/Poly' mode. You would need to check the documentation for your device.

  • The Fishman TriplePlay can be set to 6 channel mode by holding down the 'up' button while turning on the power switch.
  • The Roland GI-20 can be set to 6 channel mode by turning the parameter knob to MIDI CHANNEL and press Patch/Value until 'Nn' appears on the display.