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► Contemporary Folk Guitarists Michael Johnson Lesson Archives
In the styles of Dave Matthews, David Gray, Ben Harper, Ani DiFranco & Jason Mraz

The late '90s and new millennium ushered in a new wave of folk guitarists inspired by the folk legends of the '60s and '70s. This new breed of folk musician incorporated the styles of such artists as James Taylor, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, while creating a new sound of their own and expanding the horizon of the acoustic guitar. Each of these featured guitarists are distinctly different in style, which should help you the student expand on your acoustic style.

In this series you'll learn the style and techniques used by each of these modern guitarists by focusing on playing licks and chord progressions, finger picking & strumming variations, and adapting other styles of music into the folk sound.
Riffs & Acoustic Techniques
Chords & Progressions
Ben Harper
Ani DiFranco
Jazon Mraz
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