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► Brian Setzer Style Rusty Cash Lesson Archives
Over the course of this series you will learn how to play some of Brian's most popular licks. We begin by exploring some rockabilly techniques such as finger picking, blues, rock, and country licks that are all incorporated in the rockabilly style. Then we move on to look at some of Setzer's moodier licks typical of "Stray Cat Strut". From there we'll look into the harmonic minor and minor blues scale and define some good techniques to building Setzer licks. The last thing we look at will be a ballad in 6/8 timing characteristic to the style of music in the 50's, which became the birth of Rockabilly music. We'll discuss a lot of material such as arpeggios and how to jazz them up a bit. Each lesson has videos, tab, pictures, jam tracks, and a short descriptions that will make you feel like you are one on one with the instructor. In no time you'll be playing like Brian Setzer.
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