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Jazz Connection - Wednesday - Week 1

The guitar being a "graphic" instrument offers an almost unlimited supply of shapes. Containing as little as 2 notes to 10 or more, fingerboard shapes are a powerful device for improvisers. This lick for C dom 7 uses descending "X" shapes. Play the first two notes as pickups with the A note being on the downbeat of one. After some 4th interval shapes for the next 6 notes, you can clearly see the "X" shapes begin in groups of 6 notes. Lines similar to this can also sound good as 8th-note-triplets. Use the loop & tempo controls to slow the notation to your skill level. You can also check out the picking video for additional help.

Learn this lick and practice with this jam track
Skill Level: guitar pick onguitar pick onguitar pick onguitar pick on
Key: F Major
Video: lick picking

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