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Jerry Miller >> Psychedelic 60s >>

Jerry Miller: Hey class, great to see you all, I was influenced by Wes Montgomery, but I was actually more influenced by the blues players....  Freddie King, Matt Murphy, BB King.. etc, but I wanted to cover some of my jazz influences tonight. Here's a sample of some of the licks we'll cover:


Jerry Miller: let's get down to the jazz licks

Jerry Miller: here I play using all octaves, Wes used the 1st and 3rd fingers I use the 1 and 4

JoeyC: very Wes

Jerry Miller: I use them on some of my songs this is based on a E min, this is a track from "Gotta Be a Change"

eaglin: hendrix used octaves in the begining of villanova junction i think

Jerry Miller: try this jam track

Jerry Miller: just get the feel of it, the lick is a good practice lick for octave playing, I'll send you a variation of that lick, but influenced, anything with an octave I consider as a Wes style, you can play a single string, then add licks, here's the scale pattern

Jerry Miller: it's in E minor, it has E, F#, G, A, B, C, D, let me make you an example of the same pattern in octaves

Jerry Miller: I think you're going to like this one, here's a sample of me playing

Jerry Miller: it looks like a 9 chord E m9

guitarguy: is it off the 1st and 3rd fingers?

Jerry Miller: yes guitarguy

Matt: is the F # in that?

Jerry Miller: yes Matt, it's a lick I made up on the spot really ha, ha, some of these things are a little slow to show you how to use the licks, but basically it's starts with the chord pattern and then octaves

guitarguy: It starts in the 7th fret right?

Jerry Miller: it starts on the 12th fret, the 2nd part of it does though, most of these licks were due to popular demand last week, most of the licks I played slow but it's to help you guys to learn them easier

guitarguy: yea, I starting to get this octave stuff now but my speed is really slow though

Jerry Miller: this next lick is a lick by Wes "Carriba"

Jerry Miller: I applied this lick to a lot of things, I sometime play the lick over a major type of groove, it does work over A major and A minor, going to the IV chord of a blues, you can play it the same way too, notice how the lick raises to the IV

Tom: do you have the background music that goes along with Tab3?

Jerry Miller: Let me make one for you, try it to this drum groove

guitarguy: so, this lick goes with A minor and A major blues?

Jerry Miller: yes, I use to practice to records to practice my rhythm, it's an important part of playing, try to keep a bass player and drummer on hand, ha ha, drum machines sure work,  here's the 2nd part of the lick

Jerry Miller: let me send you a sample of me playing to the track also

Jerry Miller: I like to mix the jazz licks with the blues

Jerry Miller: here's a sample I just played for you, do you see how they work together,  I love to mix these styles, if you know the blues, just throw this stuff in, I love to throw in as much jazz into blues as I can blues is a feeling, jazz is a head trip although there is feeling in all types of music. I use the neck position pickup, about my experience with the Moby Grape. John hop was doing after hours gig at Jack's on Sutter Street... playing with Merle Sanders, that was a great jam to catch in San Francisco just up from the Fillmore in the early 60s, through mid 60s most of the really great jazz players would come in there.. Gary Barts, guys like that, it was pretty much keep secret to the rock guys in the SF scene. I'd set in there and lay on a ES 175, which had lighter gauge strings. I use octaves on the 1st and 4th strings, but not as much as the ones I used earlier. Howard Roberts used the 6th and 1 a lot, very cool sound! Let me make you a file

JP: the two string skips make sense the way you do them

Jerry Miller: I'll send you a picture also, here's the version with the thumb and 2nd finger

Jerry Miller: here's a version with the 2nd and 3rd fingers

BruceB: Jerry, what's the standard chord pattern the jazz guys use, like I, IV, V for us rockers? II, IV ? I could never get the feel for that.

Jerry Miller: Bruce there's the II, V, I progressions like that, we're going to cover blues, next week I have lot's of blues planned for you can use a G13 w/ the 7 in the bass

JP: that's a cool chord! I've been using that one quite a bit lately

Jerry Miller: well thanks folks, I look forward to seeing you next week!

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