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Jerry Miller >> Psychedelic 60s >>

Jerry Miller: Hey Class, we have Steve Knight with KIRO radio in Seattle as a guest sitting in tonight, here's a sample of our licks:

Jerry Miller: let's start with jam track in a G funk groove

Jerry Miller: I use the coming licks in a funk jam, it's a fun little lick, it gives you a chance to play between a half step modulation

Jan: what does "half step modulation" mean?

Jerry Miller: it's one fret up or down, you'll hear it in the jam track, can you hear the modulation? It starts in G then moves up to G#. The first lick starts with a b5 run, notice how the lick uses different parts of the neck, it's an unusual fingering using the 2nd & 1st string, then uses the same to set you up for the next position of the neck. I'll send you a picture:

John: On the open notes.. what you are doing to control the ringing?

Jerry Miller: I use the palm of my hand to mute the open strings, because I'm used to using my big L5, let's move on to lick 2

Jerry Miller: this next lick is still in G, this lick starts with a cool hammer

Jerry Miller: lightly touch the string on the hammer-on as you noticed how the lick comes together, notice the hand positions. I'll start sending over my hand positions

Jerry Miller: this position sets me up for the 2nd part of the phrase, ok let's move up to the half step lick in G#

G# Lick

Jerry Miller: here's the G37 chord

Jerry Miller: then you use the G# major pentatonic scale pattern

AScriabin: I think of 9ths chords when I try to play funk

Jerry Miller: it's a fairly new groove I came up with in playing the half step. Now I'm going to cover some slow blues, let's start off with a jam track:

Jerry Miller: this jam track is based in G, let me send you our licks

Jerry Miller: this is a really cool set of chords that I enjoyed learning a long time ago, it really makes the blues sound classy, it's an alternative to the chords for Stormy Monday Blues. I can send you some images of the chord positions G13 w/7th in the bass

Jerry Miller: it's based on the 8th fret

Jerry Miller: the last is C7

Jerry Miller: the last chord is what you call the James Brown chord ha ha, it's the E7#9, like in Purple Haze

Jerry Miller: it's an alternative fingering to a common chord progression

John: Sounds like led zepplin at the end..

Jerry Miller: well Led Zeppelin use to do Moby Grape songs before they started, I've jammed with those guys many times. Plant has recorded "805" and "Naked If I Want To" by yours truly, Don Stevenson was the co-writer on 805 who is also from Seattle

Jan: how do you figure how which chords to play?

Jerry Miller: well, I play an alternative to the G, Am, Bm, and Bbm, then D9. I picked this up from a guy named Al Aguino about 35 years ago, but I always dug it, so I thought I'd pass it along. I'll have an alternative Turnaround for this next week

lv8rdoc: ever play with John Cippolina?

Jerry Miller: yes, many times

lv8rdoc: similar sound to yours

Jerry Miller: it was me Harvey Mandel, and Terry Haggardy at the Heliport in Sausalito, here's the guitar I'm using tonight

John: What brand is it?

Jerry Miller: this is a JP guitar by Jack Pimentell

Tom: Nice looking Headstock

irene: is that your own guitar

Jerry Miller: yes, once I finish paying for it ha ha! Well we're going to close shop till next week!

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