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Riffs You can Use - Part 2

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track for you to jam with tonight:

Lyle: This is a 1 chord jam track. The chord is Em9:

Lyle: Here's a video example on how I'm playing it .

Lyle: Anyone here like Satriani?

Eric: sure, Surfing with the Alien

Lyle: I made up a riff in the style Satriani to go with this jam track. It's a single string melody.

brian: yea, I liked that album. that's pretty much the only one I know though

Eric: what's your favorite Satch album Lyle?

Lyle: Trying looping the TAB or play along to the Looping Sound Clip.

Lyle: All of them!

Lyle: The single string melody is made from the Em scale.

Lyle: Now you'll construct a cool riff you can use over this jam in Em.

Lyle: First, learn this Em arpeggio:

Lyle: Practice it ascending and descending.

Lyle: Next, learn this Bm7 arpeggio:

Lyle: Practice it ascending and descending.

Lyle: Next learn this Am blues scale:

Lyle: You can put them all together to make one riff, like this:

vik: very nice

Lyle: Any questions?

brian: is that how you see patterns when playing solos/riffs?

Lyle: That's how I work some of them out.

Lyle: This jam/melody is in the key of Em, the relative minor of G major. Then I take scales and arpeggios that relate to the key of G and just throw them together to make a riff, hopefully.

Lyle: I made a riff from the GMaj7 arpeggio:

Lyle: Notice how the riff starts on the F#/7th degree of the G major arpeggio, ascends to the next F#, all within the GMaj7. This gives the riff a sort of F# locrian minor mode sound.

Lyle: Because F# Locrian is the vii m7b5 mode in G.

jackson: sounds a little jazzy, ,,i like it.

Lyle: Also, notice the last note of the riff resolves to E.

Lyle: Listen to the video clip of riff 3 to hear what it sounds like against the jam.

Lyle: That should give you a little idea to mess around with.

Lyle: That's all the time I have for tongith.

ax: thanks

Lyle: Thanks for coming here. Hang out as long as you want.

Eric: that's great, thanks Lyle!

jackson: thanks that was great!

brian: thanks Lyle, I can work on this more

Lyle: I'll be back each Monday night with another riff or two you can use and abuse.

Lyle: Thanks for being here, have fun!

vik: thanks Lyle

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