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Riffs You can Use - Part 3

Lyle: Tonight I have a funk/rock jam in Cm

Lyle: This has a Joe Satriani feel to it.

radica: nice jam track

Lyle: Here's the basic riff that goes with it:

Lyle: Because of the ending chord of the riff, the best scale to use is the C Dorian minor:

Dan: the last chord is a Cmin9?

Lyle: Cm6

Dan: yes, right

Lyle: The Cm arpeggio is a good thing to know:

Lyle: The F7 is the 5th in the key of Bb, the Cm is the 2nd of Bb.

Lyle: Try playing both arpeggios together to make one long riff:

Lyle: Here's a fun riff made from the C Dorian. There's an added flat 5 in it too:

radica: that has a blusey feel to it

Lyle: Yes, probably because of the flat 5 in it.

Lyle: You don't have to pick each note too. Try hammering on and pulling off:

Lyle: That's all the time I have tonight. Have fun with these.

Rton: thanks Lyle!

Dan: ok, thanks Lyle

radica: thank you lyle

TomW: ty

Lyle: Welcome! Have a great week. I'll be back next Monday with another jam and riff for you to use and abuse!

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