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Riffs You can Use - Part 4

Lyle: I got a riff or two for you to use and abuse.

Lyle: This riff is based in Em pentatonic.

Lyle: I'm using my thumb and first two fingers to pluck the strings.

Wil: Cool riff

Lyle: Here's two jam tracks you can use to play this riff with:

Lyle: Here's an easy variation of this riff:

melo: can you brief us on what effects you are using for that riff?

Lyle: just a little chorus, delay, and reverb.

melo: and distortion?

Lyle: You can play this riff using any sound you want. It even soungs good on an acoustic.

Lyle: Try it with or without distortion.

Wil: Sounds good either way

Lyle: Here's another variation:

Wil: I'm not that fast with my pull offs

Lyle: There's three variations of a basic riff.

Lyle: Add in a couple blues/rock riffs here and there and you're jammin'

brian: that's what I'm doing now

Here's a fun riff.

Lyle: Get the hammer on and pull off going with your left hand. Keep it going fast. Then reach over your with your right hand, grab the 2nd string and pull up on it.

Lyle: Keep the string in place with your left hand, don't let it move.

Lyle: Any questions?

Wil: Thanks

brian: don't think so

Lyle: Here's an idea. Use the jam track in E - no guitar, and play any scale you want against it.

Lyle: Well, within some limits.

Lyle: Try any "E" scale.

Lyle: That's all for this riff.

Ron: Thanks EZ once I tried it... good n simple I like that

Lyle: Fun riff, just got to get the rhythm on it. I like playing it wthout a pick.

Ron: yeah j Mayer style

Lyle: Goodnight everyone, see you next time. Gotta go.

brian: ok, thanks!

melo: thanks Lyle

Lyle: bye!

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