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Riffs You can Use - Part 10

Lyle: Good evening!

lenny: hi Lyle

johnK: HI

hi: howdy

Lyle: In the lesson sample, I have recorded a few riffs to show you, to help you get that country rock style sound.

Lyle: Here's riff 1, the main rhythm riff. Use your thumb and fingers to pluck this riff:

Lyle: Here's a jam track:

Lyle: The next riff is based off the Em pentatonic, but with a major third thrown in.

Lyle: The next riff starts out with a "car horn" sound.

Lyle: The next riff has you baring the two strings with your second finger:

Lyle: The last riff is a Chuck Berry style riff:

Lyle: That's all the riffs I have for you tonight. Hope you learned some new ones to use in your jams.

lenny: thanks Lyle

Lyle: Very welcome.

johnK: thanks!

dew: thank you

Lyle: thank you guys for being here...see ya next time

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