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Riffs You can Use - Part 14

Lyle: The rhythm riff is fast, and tough to play for this jam track:

Lyle: Here's the jam track:

Lyle: The first riff is made from notes in the A minor blues scale:

Lyle: The next lriff is made from my new favorite scale, the half diminished/whole tone scale, which is really the 7th mode in the harmonic minor scale:

Lyle: This riff goes by pretty fast. I'm also adding a slight palm mute to the sound of the first part of it.

Lyle: The last riff I have to show you uses a repeating theme I refer to as my ZZ Top riff. I must have stole it from a ZZ top solo somewhere...:

Lars: wow, it's a good thing I can slow this one down

Lyle: Once you can play each riff, try putting them all together like this:

Lyle: Any questions?

Bill: no questions, I'll work on these

Lyle: That little repeating "ZZ Top" horn riff in riff 3 is something cool to steal and use.

Lyle: Notice it starts a fourth (5 frets) above the key of A.

Lyle: Well, that's all for today.

Lyle: Thanks for being here. have a great week and see you again next Monday with a few more riffs you can use and abuse!

Bill: ok, thanks Lyle!

Lars: thank you much

Lyle: welcome! have a good one and stay tuned.

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