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Blues Guitar For Beginners

Lesson 5

Lyle: Welcome to your next lesson on playing the blues. This lesson will teach you how to play a couple of solos using mostly scales. Listen to the lesson sample, you'll be learning how to play those solos exactly.

Lyle: This 12 bar blues in A is the same as the one in Lesson 1. Here's your jam track and chord chart to refer to:

12 bar chord progression

Lyle: The first solo is made from the A minor blues scale, ascending and descending, played over and over. It fits perfectly against the 12 bar jam in A.

Lyle: The minor blues scale is just like the minor pentatonic scale, but with an added flat 5. Notice the difference here:

Lyle: Now learn to play the A minor blues scale with this little blues rhythm to it. Listen to the TAB:

Lyle: Hear the rhythm of the riff? It has that "blues bounce" to it. That's called a slow shuffle beat.

Lyle: Now try playing it descending like this:

Lyle: Now you're ready to play the first solo from the Lesson Sample. Play this riff made from the A minor blues scale over and over:

Lyle: Just to refresh your memory, here's the basic rhythm guitar part for this jam:

Lyle: The second solo from the Lesson Sample is made from the A major pentatonic scale.

Major Pentatonic = 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6
Minor Pentatonic = 1 - b3 - 4 - 5 - b7

Lyle: You'll need to learn a few more patterns that climb up the neck:

Lyle: You just learned 2 octaves of that scale. Here's a 3rd octave:

Lyle: Now see if you can play all 3 octaves of that scale together. This will be the first half of the solo:


Lyle: The 2nd half of the solo uses a little bit of the A minor pentatonic scale, then it switches back to another A major pentatonic pattern:

Lyle: Now you're ready to play the whole solo:

Lyle: Loop the TAB and play along with it until you're ready to play along with the band! Here's the main jam track again:


Lyle: That's all for this lesson!


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