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Guitar Essentials

Part 6 - String Bending

Lyle: With the novice guitar student in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to cover a few string bending riffs and techniques in this section of the Guitar Essentials series.

Lyle: Bending a string is one of the cool and unique things that the guitar can do compared to other instruments. I like using light gauge strings on my electric guitars to make it easier to bend. I use 9 - 42 or 10 - 46 gauge of strings, depending on the guitar. It's harder to bend on acoustic guitars because their strings are heavier.

wqw: I seem to catch the other strings and they make noise when I release

Lyle: That will happen. Try to just push up against the strings when bending into them.

wqw: up, OK

Lyle: You can only bend the 1st string up towards you. Pretty much that rule applies to the 2nd string too. You can bend the 3rd and 4th string both ways.

wqw: I was still talking about catching the other strings and pushing up when I hit them seems to work

Lyle: Here's what we call unison bends.

Lyle: Take those unison bends and play them up and down the neck for practice:

Lyle: Here's some bends you would use in typical blues riffs:

Lyle: Try doing that riff on a piano!

Jerry: not likely

Lyle: Next is a few bending riffs you would use to emulate the sound of a steel or slide guitar:

Lyle: All of these bending riffs are in the lesson sample from the beginning of this lesson.

Lyle: Any questions?

wqw: I like watching and listening, makes it easy

Jerry: can't think of any

wqw: the videos

Lyle: The videos help?

mrt: yep

tt: very much!

Lyle: good!

Jerry: yes, definitely

Lyle: That's all for this lesson. Have a good night and week. See you next time!

Jerry: ok, thanks Lyle!

wqw: thanks boss

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