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Guitar Essentials

Part 13 - Playing The Blues

Lyle: Over the next few weeks of lessons you will learn several different styles of music. Tonight is the Blues!

gtrplyr: cool

Lyle: It is "essential" that you learn to play several styles of music on your guitar so you can be a better all around musician.

Lyle: Most blues progressions have three chords, the 1 - 4 - 5 chords of any key.


Lyle: The blues progression you'll learn here is in the key of E.

chord chart

Lyle: The first rhythm pattern I want to show you uses all upstrokes on the "upbeats".

Lyle: This means you count 4 beats per measure and count 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & and strum up on the &.

Lyle: Try to mute or muffle the strings during the down beats, which are the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.

Lyle: Playback the TAB so you can see and hear the rhythm riff with the music.

Lyle: Here's a video:

zz: can we throw some 9th chords in to spice it up?

Lyle: Yes!

zz: cool

gtrplyr: ninths are a lot cooler

zz: can you give us some forms of 9th chords to sub

Lyle: Try these:

Lyle: Here's a looping jam track of this three chord progression:

Lyle: Here's a few more 9 chords:

Lyle: Here's another rhythm riff to learn:

gtrplyr: can you play the A9 and the B9 higher or closer to the E9 on the 12th

Lyle: Yes:

gtrplyr: great

punkin: Those up strokes are harder than they look

Lyle: If you want to play blues riffs over the rhythm, you'll need to know a couple common scales to use.

Lyle: Since we are in the key of E, the E minor pentatonic scale is the best scale to use:

Lyle: Second best scale to use to play blues riffs with is the E major pentatonic:

Lyle: Here's a scale I like to use. Not too sure what to call it because it combines a couple scales:

Lyle: Here's a solo that has many blues riffs in it.

Lyle: It repeats the intro riff 4 times before it changes to the minor pentatonic .

Lyle: Notice the place where the solo changes to the minor pentatonic. This is during the first chord change, when it goes to A.

Danny: but you still play Em scale?

Danny: instead of A or something?

Lyle: Yes.

zz: looks like you are using part of Dorian mode?

Lyle: The major 6th is there from the Dorian, yes.

dan: What scale are you playing before the minor pent - the mystery one you mentioned earlier?

Lyle: This blues solo and rhythm riffs are from one of the lesson series called Jam Sessions - All Blues Styles. If you like this lesson you will like those too.

Lyle: Yes, you can play the Em pent over the A9 chord in this case.

Lyle: At least learn the rhythm riffs so you know how to play the blues for the next time you get a chance to jam with someone.

Lyle: That's about it for this lesson.

zz: thanks Lyle....what's up for next week

Lyle: Next week I'll show you a different style of music to learn and play.

Danny: great, thanks allot

gtrplyr: thanks

Lyle: I don't know what style it will be, I'll have to see what I feel like jammin' on!

zz: coool dude.........sleep well. Over and out

ScottK: try to feel funky

Lyle: thanks zz

gtrplyr: I'll try to make it next week :-)

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